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Year of Hell, Squared

I just finished watching this episode. Very good episode. Jane-way used the Voyager to destroy the time weapon ship thus restoring the time line. The time line however was only re-arranged to allow the Voyager safe passage through the region.

The time weapon ship had not been developed at this point based on the end where we see Annorox at his desk working on his calculations when his wife walks in. So it's obvious that Voyager altered the past only slightly. The eventualities of Annorox's time line still come to pass where billions of lifeforms are erased from history altogether.

One aspect that is unsettling is that Annorox mentioned accessing the Continuum several times. Could Annorox have been from the Continuum and was toying with Voyager much like Q enjoyed toying with Picard? Annorox did mention that time had, emotions thus suggesting a personality.

I seriously doubt that the Continuum would allow a sentient biological species to eradicate countless worlds and species. If those worlds and species had been in contact with another member from the Continuum, wiping the species out could very well have wiped the Continuum out due to a cascade failure of the Continuum do to interaction. Interactions between the biological species and the Q and the Q with other Q. With the time line being restored, the Krenim should still have the ability to use the time weapon ship against the Alpha Quadrant if and when the Krenim find the Alpha Quadrant.

But, in Endgame ,an event that takes place after Year of Hell, Voyager encounters a Transwarp Hub. After destroying two Borg Cubes, Voyager investigates the hub. During the few hours of interaction with the Borg it is very likely that Borg, at some point accessed the data banks of files and downloaded the files to the Collective. Most likely when the Borg Queen came to visit Seven.

While searching through the data files of Voyager the Borg would have undoubtedly have come across the interaction between the Voyager and the Krenim. The Borg investigate the Krenim and discover their temporal weapons and shielding. Without the Krenim knowing where the Borg homeworld is located and their time time weapon ship unable to be used to erase the Borg from the time line, the Krenim and all of their technology are assimilated by the Borg.

Technology that would involve being able to erase Starfleet from the time line while at the same time avoiding changes in the time line due to the weapon being used. Weapons that the Borg can use to wipe the Federation out of the galaxy permanently, without any time line shifts effecting the Collective.


  • drysonbennington#2140 drysonbennington Member Posts: 51 Arc User
    Reviewing Admiral Archers Logs For Future Cultural Interaction Remediation Purposes - First Contact Protocol Addendum 1.

    Reading through Admiral Archer's logs, I have come across some very disturbing events that historians teaching such history should sit down and come to a better conclusion on how Starship Captain's should conduct themselves.

    In the Cogenitor episode we saw how Trip became attached to the Vissian couple's Cogenitor that eventually resulted in the Cogenitor succumbing to separation anxiety and depression. Because the Vissian male and female lack the enzyme to reproduce, the couple is placed on a long waiting list for their Cogenitor. To the Vissian, the Cogenitor is nothing more than a tube for the Vissian to grow their offspring in. Trip, however, saw the Cogenitor as an individual person who wasn't mindless but very intelligent. When given the chance to learn, the Cogenitor soon became intelligent, more than the other members of the Vissian society in fact. Although the Cogenitor does not add any of its own biological characteristics to the Vissian offspring other than nurturing the developing fetus within the Congenitor's womb, the Cogenitor is none-the-less the Progenitor of the Vissian species. Without the Cogenitor, the Vissian male and female would not be able to reproduce. The Cogenitor, however, would be able to reproduce using the DNA from the Vissian male and female without the need of the Vissian male and female.

    In short, the Cogenitor of the Vissian race is forced to live an existence that is solely beneficial to the male and female of the Vissian race. Another issue that has been recognized is the fact that the elite of the Vissian race are most likely capable of reproducing without the need of a Cogenitor and as such and at one point in their history, biologically engineered a new race of Vissian where the choice of reproduction was maintained by those who could reproduce naturally. It's obvious that the Vissian are a very advanced race given then fact that their science allows them to fly into the center of sun. Although benign at first, understanding how a star functions from the very core would give the Vissian the ability to understand nuclear reactions within a developing fetus. Energetic reactions that the Vissian elite could use to alter the reproductive organs of Vissian lower classes so as to need a Cogenitor for reproduction. Such a Cogenitor, that would be grown in a lab, would then give the Vissian elite the ability to establish control over the entire Vissian race as a whole. Instead of wanting to venture off into deep space and establish other Vissian colonies, the Vissian race as a whole would be regulated to extremely strict lifestyles of simply waiting for their Cogenitor. The Vissian elite however, would enjoy what ever aspects of deep space exploration provided to them. Essentially, the Vissian elite view themselves as Gods.

    In short, the Vissian elite appear to genetically grow the Vissian lower classes through genetic manipulation. Manipulation of such genes that is fostered as benign, deep penetrating studies of the Vissian star and possibly other stars within Vissian territorial claims. The Vissian, therefore appear to be no different than the Xindi, in so much that both races have different species that evolved on the same home world.

    The Vissian elite remind me of the Dominion and their Jem'Hadar soldiers. The lower class of the Vissian and the Cogenitor both genetically altered and grown to serve a single purpose that is assigned to them by the Vissian Progenitor Class.

    United Federation of Planets Charter - ..." to reaffirm faith in the fundamental intelligent lifeform rights, in the dignity and worth of the intelligent lifeform person, to the equal rights of male and female and of planetary social systems large and small"

    Commander Tucker did prove that the Cogenitor, a separate species of the Vissian race, but still part of the Vissian race was in fact intelligent and capable of learning at an accelerated rate above that of the male the female Vissian couple. Commander Tucker showed the Cogenitor the value and worth of dignity, values that are both part of the charter of United Federation of Planets. Commander Tucker did not violate any directives of the UFP as the Cogenitor showed that it had the ability to learn prior to interacting with Commander Tucker and that Commander Tucker did not alter the evolutionary traits of the Cogenitor. Commander Tucker merely reached out to a new species of life that was already space faring and more than capable of warp flight. A new species that was shown the value of a name, music, reading. and many other aspects of sentient life. Traits that were already present in the mind of the Cogenitor that named itself "Charles".Even though the Cogenitor is not considered a male of female of the Vissian race, "Charles" did prove that the Cogenitor was in fact an intelligent lifeform, a person, and not merely a surrogate.

    As such, I suggest a full delegation be dispatched to the Vissian home world to investigate the Vissian elite to determine if genetic manipulation has taken place. Once genetic manipulation has been discovered based on the Dominion and Jem'Hadar system, life that is more than capable of sentient and individual motivations, that new systems of reproduction be established.

    Such a reproduction system would involve the Vissian male and female having the ability to reproduce by inserting their DNA into a Cogenitor system where only the necessary enzyme to grow a fetus is present, harvested from willing Cogenitor's, along with the necessary biological functions to do so that would be separate from the Cogenitor's will. Basically a medical facility where the biological aspects of the Cogenitor's womb are present plus the enzyme. Such a facility would give each Vissian couple the ability to have children whenever they chose to have children and not when the Vissian elite determined a new Vissian child should be born.

    Medical facilities of the same type would also exist for the Cogenitor as well. But instead of the Cogenitor using the DNA of the Vissian couple to produce the child, the medical facility would use the DNA that comes from Vissian male and female that produce a new Cogenitor within a Cogenitor.
    With both species of Vissian being able too choose when they want a ch, the Vissian race as a whole would grow and develop into a thriving expanse of colonies past their old Progenitor territories.

    Leaving the Vissian race as it is currently is promoting Dominion and Jem'Hadar societal structure. A structure that could be exploited by Threat Forces hostile to the United Federation of Planets. If such remedial action is not taken regarding the Vissian, then a Threat Force exploiting the Vissian could establish a foothold over the Vissians. Using the threat of separation between the Vissians and their Cogenitors as the motivating factor for allegiance to the Threat Force. Cogenitors would ultimately become the administrators over the Vissians as the notion of revenge is taught to the Cogenitors by the Threat Force in the same value form as that of the worth of dignity.
    Such a delegation should stress that the Cogenitor is in fact a sentient species that is more than capable of being a vital and contributing member of the Vissian society as a whole and not just a womb. It's also apparent that Natural Selection has chosen both species of Vissian to be more than the Vissian elite are allowing the Vissian and Cogenitor to become.

    In the episode Hatchery we see, then Captain Archer, deploy an away-team to investigate the wreckage of a Xindi shuttle that crashed. While on an intensely time sensitive mission to reach Azati Prime in search of the Xindi weapon, Captain Archer deviated from his mission to investigate a wrecked Xindi shuttle. Retisent of his action however, Captain Archer did not stop to take the time to investigate the sentient capabilities of the Cogenitor. Captain Archer did however enjoy his time away from command by playing in the sun with the Vissian solar scientist,Bote J'Ref ,in his stratopod. As a result the commander of the Enterprise, Captain Johnathan Archer, was not at the helm of his starship, as he should have been during first contact. Instead of playing in the sun Captain Archer should have remained at his post ensuring that all measures of first contact protocol were maintained by his crew with the warp capable Vissians, including the study of the Cogenitor and the relations between the Vissians and the later. Without Captain Archer being aboard the NX-01 a minor state of anarchy ensued as checks and balances were not maintained regarding members of the Vissians coming aboard the NX-01 as well as crew members of the NX-01 visiting the Vissians on their ship.
    If such logs had been maintained then a record, based on biological signature patterns, then Captain Archer, would have been aware that Commander Tucker was covertly sneaking "Charles" on board the Enterprise. Captain Archer was not made aware of the situation between Commander Tucker and Charles until after he had returned from his fun in the sun mission with Bote J'Ref. A situation that resulted in the fatality of Charles due to separation anxiety and depression. If Captain Archer had remained at his post then the interaction between Charles and Commander Tucker would have been discovered and addressed where Commander Tucker would have been able to show Captain Archer how the Cogenitors are treated by their society. Not seen as equals in their society but only as property, even though Commander Tucker would have been able to prove that the Cogenitors were in fact lifeforms with the will to learn thus making them sentient and protected under the charter of the UFP when seeking asylum. If Captain Archer had assigned the duty of assisting Bote J'Ref to another crew member of the NX-01,Captain Archer would have had more time to examine the request from Charles fully instead of making a hasty judgment call to abandon the request for asylum that resulted in the ultimate death of Charles. It is the due diligence of every starship captain to remain at their command station during first contact with an alien species of a warp capable nature. Due diligence that does not involve jumping into a stratopod to examine the center of a sun. How unlucky the NX-01 and the entire future might have been if Captain Archer had been kidnapped or killed by the Vissians in order grow human replicates in the Cogenitors womb to then infiltrate the Federation with. How unlucky that Cogenitor Charles, the first of its species to break the mold and become a new life form is let down by Captain Archer. It is apparent that Captain Archer had the time to investigate a sun as well as investigating the wreck of the enemy ,but he had no time to investigate the emergence of a new life. That new life being the Cogenitor that called itself Charles. It is apparent that Captain Archer has more interest in surfing the interior of a sun and stopping to look at an enemy wreck while on a very time sensitive mission. Not only is it the Captains responsibility to ensure first contact protocol are maintained from the bridge of her or his ship, it is also the responsibility of every Star Fleet Bridge Officer to maintain the same protocol that would include restraining the Commanding Officer of the starship from engaging in missions that would otherwise jeopardize the frontier of the possibility of a new planet joining the UFP.

    With the issues involving the Xindi and Romulans becoming more troubling, it is imperative that all starship commanders and the crew of starships understand and facilitate every measure possible to ensure the Xindi and Romulans do not infiltrate the Federation. In my opinion the Romulans will try to subvert Vissia and its sibling planets in an attempt to exploit the abilities of the Cogenitor. Can you imagine the Romulans growing a massive military within Cogenitor Clone wombs using Borg technology to enhance the growth rate of the fetus? Because I can. The offspring would essentially be Vissian in appearance but Romulan to the core.

    Then there is the Borg. If the Borg were to ever acquire and assimilate the Cogenitor reproductive DNA sequence, we all know how fast the Borg are able to assimilate a biological system. Just imagine the Borg being able to grow new Assimilants just by collecting the elements from Universe around them and impregnating a Cogenitor. If you think the Borg were terrifying before, Hell never tires of being terrifying.

    Hell never tires.
  • drysonbennington#2140 drysonbennington Member Posts: 51 Arc User
    I heard Riker mention briefly, that the Xindi were a problem. The Xindi tried to develop a weapon to destroy Earth but were stopped by the Enterprise. With the anti-cloak field established around the Riker homestead, it's also obvious that Romulans are also a threat. With Borg technology being able to travel back in time, the Romulans could travel back in time using Borg technology before the Enterprise encountered the Vissians. Based on the Romulans having knowledge of the Federations first contact with the Vissians that resulted in the death of the Cogenitor Charles, the Romulans could arrive a few days ahead of the Enterprise. Making contact before the Enterprise does, the Romulans would most likely persuade the Vissians to allow the Romulans to trap the Enterprise when she enters their system.

    The Romulans would explain how Archer decides to go gallivanting off with Bote J'Ref in the stratopod and as a result the events taking place between Trip and Cogenitor Charles leads to the death of the Cogenitor. The Romulans would then go onto explain how the Vissians eventually become part of the Federation. The Federation then 'assists' the Vissians in changing their society that allows the Cogenitors to make choices in their lives. With their newfound freedom, the Cogenitors decide to leave the Federation to start their own colonies and experience life separate from the Federation and Vissia. Some Cogenitors, however, remain with the Vissians to ensure the Vissian race has offspring. The Cogenitors able to reproduce by becoming DNA surrogate using samples collected from the Vissians have no problems building a productive society. The Vissian society however begins to fail terribly however. The Federation dispatches diplomatic envoys to try and bring the New Cogenitors back together with the Vissians. The New Cogenitors, reminding the Federation of what happened when Cogenitor Charles was taken away from its independence, stage mass gatherings on their planets ready to end their societies existence, if their demands are not met. Unable to convince the New Cogenitors to return to Vissia, the Federation instead designs a Cogenitor Synth at the Daystrom Institute's Division of Advanced Synthetic Research, that is able too satisfy the reproductive needs of the Vissians. The Cogenitor Synths preform remarkably for the Vissians needs until a virus implanted into the Synth network by an unknown alien race, causes all Synths in the galaxy to rebel. The virus was actually a miscalculation made in the design of the Synth's emotional management system that created a few seconds worth of emotional release. An emotional release that culminated in system wide rage becoming the normal programming function of the Synth. Rage that had built up over the years of the Synth recording comments made about them, such as plastic people and robot. The Synth mainframe, being autonomous, determined that the negative input comments made about them were not within the keeping of how Starfleet and the Federation viewed and treated other lifeforms across the galaxy. Even the XB's were regarded as more being more human than the Synths were, especially the abilities of the XB when they were Borg, that far outmatched the abilities of any humanoid life in the galaxy. The Romulans then go on to say that the fault occurred as a result of Star Fleet patterning the foundation of the Synth's logic that was based on B-4. the adolescent clone of Data who strived to be more, human. The mechanism of emotional logical responses in the Synth's simply, snapped. The Federation then went so far as to blame the Romulan Empire for the virus in an attempt to draw other factions into a war against the Empire to wipe the Romulans out of existence. The Romulans continue to explain how a Synth named Lore, the brother of Data who was the exact polar opposite of Data had become the leader of a species of humanoid/machines called the Borg. Lore lead the Free Borg in rebellion against the Borg resulting in newly reed Borg called XB's, suffering and dying terrible deaths due to being separated from the consciousness of the Collective, much like Cogenitor Charles would eventually suffer and die under the terrible conditions of being separated from Trip who had shown Charles what individuality was. Star Fleet also found out that the flaw that caused the Synths to snap and rebel had actually been hidden in a very well protected sector of the original programming by Dr. Noonian Soong. the creator of Data, Lore and B-4. Dr. Soong was the descendant of Arik Soong a criminal cybernetisist from the 22nd century.

    In 2154, Dr. Soong was recruited by Captain Archer to help capture Dr. Soong's children who had hijacked a Klingon Bird-of-Prey after killing its crew. The children that had hijacked the Klingon warship were humans that had been augmented by Dr. Soong to provide Star Fleet with super warriors in their march across the galaxy. Super Warrior technology that was the offspring of Augmented Embryos. Augmented Embryos that the Federation eventually used to satisfy the needs of the Federation controlling worlds such as Vissia. In the end the fracture in the programming logic of the Synths was discovered in a very protected sector of the Synths brain. After an incident involving the Enterprise NX-01 with a mysterious ship that had a larger volume on the inside then was seen from the outside, Star Fleet began to secretly experiment with the technology.After Data was discovered and eventually joined Star Fleet as the first Automoton the technology was used on Data to increase his overall processing capabilities. Star Fleet was unaware of a node in Data's positronic brain that had been developed to remain hidden until the technology from Future Tense had been turned on. Once turned on a very deep and dark feeling emerged in Data's thoughts that only Data was aware of. Doctor Soong, always of the criminal mindset had come into possession of the Future Tense technology before Star Fleet discovered him.

    "A ih'kuhoira htaodt'ia'rhoinnie diamn pass (postp) hsah ehhedra ihmn uan e d'aer aohteafveinniyhv uu'uhh ihmn veoth ." "A criminal will always pass his angst for being caught into his offspring ." Even though Data had preformed admirably while in Star Fleet, the overriding design of Data was that of a shell for Dr. Arik to be reborn in so that Dr. Arik could continue his work in genetics and cybernetics to ensure that he would never die while at the same time creating armies that would serve him as if he was God.

    Star Fleet went to great lengths to create conspiracies involving Romulans who had become part of Star Fleet as the real culprit behind the Synths rebellion. Star Fleet even tried to say the Borg had used a Romulan mining vessel, the Narada, to destroy Vulcan and all Vulcan culture. Star Fleet keeps Vulcan's as pets, if you will, that you will see in your up coming encounter with the Enterprise. Now, in the 25th century after the Synths have devastated much of the galaxy.Because of the gallivanting of the Enterprise Captain wanting to see the inside of your star, the Synths are able to use your planet in the future as a foothold in their war of destruction across the galaxy, minus your culture. A future that is no less than 300 years away. A future that involves both worlds, Romulus and Vissia being destroyed as a result of the Synth Rebellion. Vissia is destroyed with the help of the Synth Cogenitors and Congenitors. Romulus is destroyed because we were unable to allocate resources away from the War with the Synths to stop the star from going Nova, using Red Matter. Now only a handful of Romulans remain a live. Once again the ineptitude of another captain of the Enterprise, Jean-Luc Picard, is at the forefront of the Synth Spearhead to save Synth lives, just like Commander Trip of the Enterprise tried to do with Cogenitor Charles.
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