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Jem'Hadar Vanguard BOFFs?

mournblade#1863 mournblade Member Posts: 74 Arc User
I wanted to suggest adding JH Vanguard BOFFs to the Zen store, sold separately from the Gamma Quadrant expansion pack. Given the value of these, I believe players (myself included) would happily purchase these if they were sold separately, especially considering how expensive the expansion pack is and the relative value of what you get in there just isn't worth the money, imo (I wouldn't use any of the ships - I have better ships, and there aren't any Starship traits worth getting from them either).

If you wanted to restrict them to JH captains, that would be fine too, since that's where I'd use them. That way they don't undermine the exclusivity of Superior Romulan Operative BOFFs from fleet Embassy provisions.

Regardless, it would be an easy way to make more cash in your Zen store and give players more reasonable access to these valuable BOFFs.


  • borg0vermindborg0vermind Member Posts: 489 Arc User
    The only use they have is that they are already trained in some specialities. For anything else, I consider them useless.
  • mournblade#1863 mournblade Member Posts: 74 Arc User
    I think you might be missing some nuances of BOFFs. Vanguard Jem'Hadar BOFFs have space traits, in particular, Engineered Soldier (Space), which is similar to Superior Romulan Operative. So yes, they are extremely valuable, especially for TAC builds. Their specialization training is just a bonus.
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