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A role-play fleet like know other: The Delta Quadrant Exploratory Expedition

bentillerbentiller Member Posts: 43 Arc User
You are invited to join the Delta Quadrant Exploration Expedition! Now signing on all interested parties regardless of faction, affiliation, integrity.

What, you may ask, is this? Why my very dear gentle-being - it is the expedition of a lifetime. Guaranteed to fulfill you grandest hopes and surpass your wildest imaginations. We are on the hunt for a lost civilization. Many hundreds of thousands of years ago an empire called the Gaullian Supremacy ruled much of the Delta Quadrant. They persisted for many thousands of years and were unsurpassed in their knowledge and manipulation of subspace. Then, suddenly - in the blink of an eye they vanished. Hardly a trace left except for long forgotten ruins and mythology. For these Gaullians were said, in their dying days, to have taken the sum of their technological knowledge and their cultural heritage and hidden them away in a secret vault. Here, at Sanctuary, lies a treasure of your most fantastical dreams. My good gentle-being - here lies the riches of an entire Empire! With their technology so advanced it is said to be able to revive the dead and put the soul back in the body! That, being one among many fantastical technologies, inventions - wonders! Wonders beyond reckoning.

And so - the Delta Quadrant Expeditionary Force seeks to find the last Sanctuary of the Gaullian Empire. Join us for the treasure! Or join us for the mystery of discovering an entirely new civilization! For there is bound to be endless wonder of exploration, great adventures the like of which no one has had in many decades. Take the step with us, my fine gentle-being. Into the unknown. Let us boldly explore the secrets hidden deep in the Delta Quadrant. Sign up with the Delta Quadrant Exploratory Expedition today!
OOC Information: This is a Ship role-play with a unique set of mechanics meant to increase immersion. The outcome of the role-play is entirely based on player decisions and the decisions made, including whether or not the expedition is able to find and win the treasure at the end. Here's an example of some of the mechanics involved.

Mechanics: There is a rival team trying to find the treasure first. Depending on the ability to solve or discover clues, the Expedition can fall behind. Choices can also lead to unique adventures which result in earning special treasures (Ships, duty Officers, Gear, Energy Credit).

Salary: Each player who shows up for an in-game RP will get a small stipend/salary. Bonuses can be given for successes and pay can be docked for failures. Basic Salary is 50,000 Energy Credit each session they attend. A rival Ferengi crew will also be trying to beat the Expedition to the treasure. Each of the 15,000 EC for each session they attend, but every time they pull ahead of the Algani's crew they receive very large bonuses.

Provisions: A long expedition needs to be well stocked. Each week certain provisions are gone through. If you run out you’ll need to re-stock, which can take time and gives the rival team a chance to get ahead. Types of Provisions are as follows:

1) Provisions: Basic food supply. Each week (# based on # of players) provisions are used. Run out of provisions and each week without them adds a -5 to any roll. (cumulative)
Food items may be traded in for provisions. Provisions may be bought at any planet with a market or any trade ship encountered.
2) Medical Supplies: Needed on a per-injury basis. 5 to treat minor injury, 25 for a mild injury, 50 for severe. Critical injuries must be resolved via a roll system (where 0-10 is death, 11-31 is permanent injury, ect)
3) Components: R&D components can be found by salvage or exploring crates and other areas during missions. R&D components are used to craft certain items necessary to reach solutions during some of the rp.

Discord Server: There is a discord server will be used to RP characters between the show (used for character development/minor plot development. Mechanics may be roll based. Decisions made will have serious consequences down the line.

Fleet: A separate fleet will be created for this RP. It is not necessary to join this fleet.tems and provisions will be stored in the bank as well as EC and other treasures and may be accessed and used by anyone for storage or withdrawal of useful items. Players may put more items in as they wish or store treasures given to them individually (or they may keep these). These items can be used for trade and barter for provisions and other mission objectives throughout each season. Collect items and use them on the ship to give the ship or person holding them greater advantage.

Here's how to sign up
Post in reply to this forum Crew we need

1) Character Name (and your in-game handle)
2) Character position (Mercenary, engineer, scientist, anthropologist - whatever)
3) How is your character going to change over the course of the role-play? For example, the captain sees this as his last hurrah – the last great adventure before he retires. He’s getting old and worried his glory will be lost and forgotten. Over the course of the rp will learn the true meaning of value and what should and shouldn't be valued) It could be as simple as (Learning to trust a new crew or whatever)

In case this sounds complicated- it's not too bad! I'm happy to answer any questions. Feel free to contact me in-game. My handle is at bentiller


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    carcosa#4225 carcosa Member Posts: 161 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    1.) Zorak@carcosa#4225
    2.) Mercenary
    3.) Ruthless and cantankerous Reman, learns to have a change of heart

    I dont want to give too much away, let me know if you need more... I am already in a fleet but would love to participate in the rp
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    bentiller#8578 bentiller Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    We now have a time and date for this Role-play session.

    First episode is Sunday, March 15th at 1pm and episodes will be run every other week at the same time after that for the duration of the first season.
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    aboundedorc0#8479 aboundedorc0 Member Posts: 109 Arc User
    Like "know" other? I really believe you!
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