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The Foundation and The Second Foundation (KDF) on Xbox are recruiting

jdb001#2430 jdb001 Member Posts: 6 Arc User
The Foundation is a small, focused fleet. We focus on budget builds, PVP, PVE and maxing out game play time for all our members. We are a mix of Straight, TRIBBLE and Others. We believe in freely sharing build and game knowledge and assist all our members in improving their ships and play styles. We are 18+ and over, Mature group with lots of joking about body parts and passing gas. Mics are recommended to get the most out of your time. We will have top tier fleet holdings within the next 2-4 months and we are Allied with the ESE Armada. Promotion requirements are high, but that allows us to keep a lean roster and only have active, dedicated players participating. We do not tolerate racist or bigoted speech in our chat rooms. Message JDB001, SolventMountain or Decadentplum for a fleet invitation via xbox messenger or in game.
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