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Starfleet Command (XBox)

We're a day one, rank 81 fleet of veteran players. We're in an Armada, but our fleet itself is fairly inactive right now and we'd like to change that.

Here's what we're looking for...

Mature, veteran players. What I mean by this are players who can get along well with others, who can leave their ego at the door, and who don't need to be taught how to play the game or do proper (PvE) builds. We of course don't mind sharing knowledge and experience, but we're not looking for players who don't understand basic build concepts.

Here's what we enjoy doing...

We enjoy all things PvE, and specifically, we enjoy end-game, Elite TFOs. The challenge and satisfaction of beating some of the most difficult content in the game is what excites us. We've already done a fair bit of this, but due to our inactive roster, it's not something we've been able to continue doing. We're looking for like-minded players who enjoy running TFOs, story missions, and just hanging out with fellow STO enthusiasts who also want to join us for some end-game content activities.

Eventually, we'd like to establish a "raid roster" and schedule Elite TFO runs on a specific night of the week when everyone on the team can attend.

Here's what we don't do...

We don't do drama, and PvP is not our focus. While we do have a couple of members who enjoy PvPing on the side, it is not the focus of our fleet, nor will it ever be. Most of us are older players with careers, families, etc., so we understand that real life obligations always come first. Many of us also have kids of our own - so we're not looking to babysit anyone in our fleet.

Here's what we offer...

We have more fleet resources than we could ever spend. With the exception of Colony Tac consoles, we literally have everything you could possibly need to help you complete elite Tac or Science builds. We don't require you to donate anything or earn any specific amount of fleet credits before giving you access to our fleet provisions. You'll have access to all of it the moment you're invited (and promoted) in the fleet.

We're also part of a fairly large Armada (Delta Alliance), which opens up other avenues of resources to you (to include Colony Tac consoles).

Finally, the remaining players who are still active in our fleet are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. And we want to make some new friends!

In summary...

If this interests you and you believe you meet the criteria we are looking for in terms of game experience/knowledge and a good attitude to match, please contact whomever you see online for a fleet invite and mention that "Mourn sent you".

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.


  • mournblade#1863 mournblade Member Posts: 74 Arc User
    I want to thank everyone who's contacted us in game for their interest. We've been able to recruit several new, quality members as a result. I do however need to add a couple of clarifications for prospective new fleet members to avoid wasting your time, or ours.

    First, we do have an age restriction for our fleet of 21 or older. You may not agree with it, and yes, there's always exceptions (i.e. some teenagers can be more mature than some adults), but that's what we've decided works best for our fleet, which is primarily comprised of older gamers with families, careers, etc. If you don't like it, there are plenty of other fleets out there who have no age restrictions, but arguing about it with us isn't going to change our minds or get you a fleet invite.

    Second, you must have a mic (headset). We need to be able to speak with you in party/voice chat before we can invite you. It gives us a chance to learn a little bit about you to make sure it will be a good fit for both you and us before we invite you into our house. And when someone tells me that they don't have a mic, that is a red flag for me, whether there's a legitimate reason for it or not. We also require a mic for anyone who's doing Elite TFOs with us. It's no different than using Discord/TeamSpeak/Ventrilo for end game content in other MMOs.

    That all said, we're still looking for mature, quality members to join us. If our fleet interests you, please contact any Admiral you see online and mention that "Mourn sent you" and we'll get you into party chat for proper introductions.
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