[T6] All U.S.S. Enterprise and U.S.S. Discovery /Change Sex in C-Store!!!!

citroen83#6160 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
Hello as the title suggests I would like to ask if there is the possibility of obtaining the all Enterprise ships and the Discovery in C-Store in such a way that those who cannot spend so much real money on the game like me can at least get these ships a little easily and a last thing if it is possible to put a sex change for the character.

Thank you very much and I await a response from the developers !! :)


  • jayfreelancer
    jayfreelancer Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    Making the most desirable ships only available in lockboxes brings in far too much money for them to consider changing it. This is literally the core of PWE's business model, so unless lockboxes get outlawed as gambling, there's very little chance of them coming to the C-Store.

    People have also been asking for gender change for years, but the devs have previously commented that there are significant technical difficulties with implementing it and the limited demand means it's not worth the investment in time to make it happen. I would have paid for it too - I ended up just rolling a new character.