Creating Admiralty Cards for Purchased Ships

fred26291#2759 Member Posts: 1,044 Arc User
We really need a way to press a button and add ALL the ships that have been purchased or won into the Admiralty Ship List without having to activate each ship to the active ships list then having to delete it.
When you have 40 ships at your disposal and only 10 ship slots to fill at a time, A great deal of time is needed to both activate AND delete these ships especially when you have to type in each and every name for 40 plus ships in order to delete them.
Since the game already knows what we have and havent purchased or won, I would think this would be easy to do.

Thanks. Fred.

Sorry if this is already asked for I was unable to find it.


  • tom61sto
    tom61sto Member Posts: 3,453 Arc User
    Yeah, definitely a good QoL suggestion. I feel your pain with having just leveled up a character to 52 with 60-ish ships. This suggestion has come up many times before, and from what I heard they were planning on implementing such a feature in the beginning, but the servers would've been heavily impacted if it was implemented day one due to all the ship claims that'd happen then.
  • roguealltrek
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    agree counting shuttles i end up with 73 cards.
    takes me around 2 hours to finish that each time.
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