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Ship Mastery Grinding

OK, so I have a very frustrated & very annoyed question to ask.

Now that they have forced a cooldown timer upon Patrols even if you leave without finishing them, that means that I am aware of *NO* easy way to grind ships for mastery. & I have 4-toons with a f*cktonne of ships left to master.

Aside from my complaint about that & the request that they make *SOME* sort of content to allow for relatively-painless grinding for ship mastery, what the actual f*ck are we supposed to do to master our ships now?

Most TFO's & standard content offer ship XP at a slow trickle. It takes forever to master a ship by just 'playing the game'.

Does anybody have any suggestions for some sort of Argala-esque grind that we can still do for ship XP? Like a small cluster of patrols that are relatively close to each other, or a battlezone that offers good XP, or *ANYTHING* that will let us get our ships done with some sort of expediency?

I'm not looking for a magical 'insta-mastery' button, I just want an option that isn't going to take weeks of grinding to get one ship finished (it takes around 9-runs of Argala to master a ship to T5, which is about an hour or two of work without additional distractions under the old system, or even a little over a week under my normal '1-a night' process. Conversely, it can take about that many story missions just to get a ship to T1).


  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 775 Arc User
    Ship Mastery XP gain has changed a little while back.
    Instead of gaining the XP whilst you play, you now get it all in one big chunk at the end of the Patrol/TFO.
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  • reikontenshireikontenshi Member Posts: 32 Arc User
    Yes, I know that already, Inferiority, & thank you for responding....that change, while somewhat annoying, didn't change how we did ship grinding in Argala, merely meant that we couldn't really track our progress minute-to-minute.

    My problem is that with the newest change, where patrols go into cooldown as soon as you leave the map whether you finish it or not, our normal method of ship grinding has officially ended. As far as I am aware, there is no longer any relatively quick or easy method to build up ship XP necessary to get through the fifty or more T6 ships that are readily available.

    (I do have every zen store ship unlocked, & every anniversary or event ship since I joined the game back in the days prior to Reputation Systems - shortly after the game went FTP. As you can imagine, it takes me a long, long time to master all of those ships on even a single character.).

    My question was, without the rapidly-repeatable patrols that we had prior to this release, is there any other way to grind ship XP in a quick & relatively painless way to master ships? As I said previously, in Argala it took me about 2 or 3-hours to master a ship (barring distractions), & I am not looking forward to having that time go from hours to days.

    I should also point out, grinding ships, while generally unpleasant, kept me in the game for prolonged periods of time, which encouraged me to play other content as well. Now that I am no longer able to concentrate on ship grinding, I feel no compulsion to play the game other than the minimum necessary to get my rewards.
  • The new patrol system seems like it would be good for this except since released I don't get consistent xp. All I can figure is there is a time gated cap because I see no rhyme nor reason why I don't get xp or receive a few hundred per patrol. They're either broken or capped, if they're capped then Cryptic needs to state the fact.
  • coldnapalmcoldnapalm Member Posts: 7,498 Arc User
    Run argala followed by the 3 romulan 5 wave of ships followed by the new sentinel patrol. Repeat. Should get max mastery in two or three runs of that. Like an hour or two at MOST per ship.

    The ever spawning new patrols like ninth were good if you have a decent ship...especially with GW for like 2 days before they nerfed the exp you get in those to almost nil.
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