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Please end our torture -3 week same tfo, Discovery Timeline, Bring Back Foundry, longer story arcs

Now that you pulled the one person off of the Foundry to remove all the creative content it had, could you do something about these 3 week events that seem now to be the anchor content between 1 new episode of the silly Discovery series (bet you find more if you told CBS they don't know the first thing about Star Trek and give us back the timeline we were playing) then maybe a week off and then back to 3 week tfo, ad nausea um (sp?).

Be creative. Why don't you have either a theme for each week, where lets say for week 1 it is the borg, and you randomly select one of the Borg TFO's (all people play the same one that day) and then either Fri or Sat you pick the one your records show is either least played (and not because of bugs) or the most challenging or make one of them elite or advanced for the weekend. Then week 2, Romulan based TFO's, week 3 Klingon themed TFO'S. Perhaps require a person completes 3 or 4 out of 5 during the week, and then 1 time through an advanced or elite one for fri/sat or sun.

Or simply pick a random tfo for each day.

Just do something that shows some creative spark or idea. While I am sure you are not trying to bore us to death with the same mission 3 weeks at a time, it is hard not to see it that way. Do not recycle old missions and just put new make up/different enemy, different graphics like you did for that repelling the enemy from Praho. When I joined a random I ended up playing the exact mission but with the Terran Empire ships. Wow I was impressed.

Might seem negative but this is just getting to appear that with the lost of the foundry and these 3 week repeatfo's that the canary in the mine shaft is a warning to players. That the canary can't breathe as the life is going out. Please tell CBS while I am so glad they were able to find an established game to tie to their Discovery show, this game at least was somewhat more enjoyable under the other timeline that we were on.

Finally stop doing 5-7 episodes with an enemy and then they are no longer a threat. That just waste so many possible story lines not to mention you paint yourself into a corner by doing this. Under the new way you have done the episodes each story line seems like a commercial break not part of a wider story line. It just doesn't feel like there is enough spirit to do more anymore and instead do as little as possible.

I still think you could have hired some of the players who wrote/designed some of the good foundry missions to help in adding to the story of lets pick the Iconians and perhaps make their missions side quests that will help explore the Iconians or that conflict more than just the brief few episodes.

I also want to know, weren't the foundry tools suppose to be the same tools the developers used to make new content, why not spare 1 or 2 people to bring the interface to create content fully up to date, have them leave full technical/code notes that say exactly what each line of code or whatever did so it is easy to change when you update.

I really worry with all that I have seen since you started the required Discovery story line on us how the game isn't the same Star Trek Online of just 1 or 2 years ago. Having no special rewards for Discovery Recruits not to mention the limitation on stack sizes for some items that should be stackable so we can take in all the little trinkets you give away.


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