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Hi GRM Panther here we are a new Xbox fleet, but an old clan the clan was started 14 years ago we have over 6000 members spread over 7 games and pc, ps4 and xbox.

The fleet is in an amarda with federation council it does not mater of your rank we will help you with mission if you need it, one of the captains GRM Captain Row can help you make builds for your ship and my self and the vice admiral will help with anything. In order to join the fleet you will have to join the clan if you go to the website below u can apply. You will have 60 days to change your name.

Check us out are website is GRMgaming.net
We are sponsored by many company’s, eBay and Microsoft to name a few.

Message me on Xbox or here and I will get you into the fleet, my Xbox gamer tag is GRM Panther, i am Australian so if i don't respond straight away i am either sleeping or at work but i will make sure i contact you as soon as i get on.
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