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Wolf Squadron looking for members and an Armada

sunmoonrasunmoonra Member Posts: 18 Arc User
Wolf Squadron is looking for members as well as either to join an Armada or start our own with another fleet. We are small with only 4 active players right now, but we are looking to grow. Unlike other fleets that are already maxed out, we have plenty of room for players to help build up the fleet and earn some fleet credits.
Reply on here, message me or send me an in-game email [email protected]_Scotty


  • critdamncritdamn Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited March 26
    Do you have some info on your Fleet? Level, number of members, that kinda stuff?
  • sunmoonrasunmoonra Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    The fleet is level 9. We have about 3-4 active members. Our roster shows more members, but I think many of the people just stopped playing. We won't have much in the way of fleet resources, but hoping that will change as we get some more members and build up our bases.
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