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The free Cobalt Sword diminishes the feel of the Emperor’s sword

kingofhearts81kingofhearts81 Member Posts: 19 Arc User
For one, the Emperor’s Sword on the PS4 has no visual aside from attacking, while the cobalt sword has one, you can see it sheathed on people’s backs.

Releasing a free look-a-like sword so early after releasing the Emperor’s Sword just kills it for those that spend real money on keys just to get the lobi for it, since everyone and their grandma is running around and using it. Everyone in ground TFOs uses it, even if they get themselves and others killed by not even having a melee build set.

It’s like if you went out and spent money to gets some sweet expensive shoes that boost your running and jumping speed, then a truck tipped over that was carrying flat knockoffs that dont, and everyone got free look-a-likes and started crowding your basketball court thinking they can be on the same level without putting in the work.


  • jagdtier44jagdtier44 Member Posts: 225 Arc User
    Well I'll say its super lame that the freebie has a visual while the lobi one doesn't.
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