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Looking for a Trek role-playing community? Try Diversity Fleet!

Looking for an online community of Star Trek role-players? Diversity Fleet has been hosting online Star Trek role-playing since 2003, and is happy to have new members join our ranks. We offer chatroom, message board, and MMO-based role-playing. Applications are simple, and we are open to new players who are trying RP for the first time through decades-long veterans!

Our fleet in Star Trek Online is open to all as well, and has scheduled, weekly RP events on a more casual basis. Members are welcome to join either side of our community -- the MMO-hosted. Check out our website today to get started -- we are excited to hear from you!


  • marcase2marcase2 Member Posts: 88 Arc User
    We reached out to you through here and your website, but received no response. You guys still out there...?


    The Mighty 44th. Boldly bashing Borgs to bits since 2010.

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