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More (or another) Tier 6 Caitian ships please :D

mewmewgrrlmewmewgrrl Member Posts: 9 Arc User

I'm really looking to get more (or at least one more) Caitian designed ship(s) to buy for my Federation characters. I know that there are a lot of people fighting for new ships in their categories, and yet I can't help but still request this as there is only a single Caitian tier 6 ship at the moment and I'd like for us to have a few more.

Caitians are founding Federation members and we would normally see more of their ships around than we have at the moment. (Speaking of which, it doesn't make sense that we can't pick them for the 23rd Century or Discovery captains, Caitians were a part of the Federation back then as well, but that's another issue).

New ships are of course best and optimal. Though if you had to copy the current Caitian Atrox and make a new Tier 6 version of it with some minor changes, that would be acceptable as well. We've had some other ships get upgraded Tier 6 versions, and so it could be with the Caitian Atrox Carrier as well.

There may not be as many people playing Caitians but I believe those of us who do are spenders, so the fact that more people would spend to try to get a new Caitian ship should make up for the fewer people playing them (plus if you make it good enough, others will want as well!).

I do like to see Fleet versions of the Caitian ships, so releasing them in the normal C-Store along with a Fleet version would be nice, but having *any* other Caitian ships at all would be acceptable. That means any Lobi store versions or even an Event version we could earn.

Again I know the competition to get new ships is fierce, and that's one of the reasons why I suggest settling for an updated Tier 6 Atrox with some different abilities and new seating including some of the new skill types. It wouldn't be too difficult to put together and would make many people happy.

I just want to put in my humble request to possibly get another Tier 6 (or all tiers) Caitian ship put in.


  • rahametrahamet Member Posts: 23 Arc User
    I agree. I think making the Atrox carrier the only enhanced battle cloak carrier would give it just the edge it would need at T-6, along with ship mastery skill of launching fighters while cloaked. Then of course dupdated officer slots.
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