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An Introduction and a Desire for RP

ignatianignatian Member Posts: 1 Arc User
What's up everyone! I played the game briefly back when it first launched, and then found my way back in here recently after WoW started to lose its luster yet again. The game has been a blast, but I'm really hoping to find an RP fleet out there -- looping the same scenarios can be fun for awhile, but what always grips me long-term is a good group of RPers.

So who's out there, and where do I find ya? Any faction is fine.


  • wombat140wombat140 Member Posts: 953 Arc User
    The section for fleet advertising is here:
    RP fleets are quite a small minority in this game, but they're out there, scroll down a few pages and you'll find some eventually.
    This section is mre for RPin in the forum itself, which is also fine. (Although the two busiest and longest-running RP threads are actually in the main Ten Forward section! But they're established things and I don't know if they want new players or not.)
  • wombat140wombat140 Member Posts: 953 Arc User
    I also found this old thread that I'd forgotten about:
    Roleplay Fleet Map and Directory
    There are probably other RP fleets besides those, but that's some to start with. It's a few years old, but some of those fleets will surely still be around, the RP fleets tend to stick around. Firefly Fleet is the one I'm in, by the way. We're not an all-out RP fleet on the scale that some are, but we have a fair amount, mixed with other things.
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