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Starbase Catan (WIP Discussion Thread)

anubis0sarvouranubis0sarvour Member Posts: 128 Arc User
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Starbase Catan.
A Wild Frontier.
Resources to exploit and new civilizations to discover.
Competing explorers and corporations wanting pieces of everything.
And a lone outpost to bring order and peace to chaos.

Starbase Catan, Catan System, Catan subsector, Ba'aja Sector
Originally closer to Klingon space, the complex that served as Deep Space K-19 has been towed to the Catan System, as part of a joint effort with Sarvour Shipyards, which was relocating one of their older Joseph-class Dockyards to the system. Both the Starbase and the larger Dockyard Aldebaran-51 are now in a tandem orbit over Catan IV.
Modified K-class Starbase, Diameter 450 meters.

Dockyard Aldebaran-51
Joseph-class Dockyards, diameter 3,250 meters.

Dramatis Personae
Admiral Samara Nyota M'Benga, Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Ba'aja Sector Command. Human female from Rhea (2nd largest moon of Saturn). Administrative architect behind Starbase Catan, and its unorthodox command structure.

Commander Joe Brunner, Captain of the Walker-class U.S.S. Canopus, NCC-1511. Human Male from Mars. One of the officers selected for the X.O. position of Starbase Catan.

Commander Edison Harlin, Captain of the Oberth-class U.S.S. Ambergris, NCC-5110. Human male from Earth. One of the officers selected for the X.O. position of Starbase Catan.

Civilian Administrator, position vacant as deliberations continue.

Romulan Republic Liaison, post vacant.

Klingon Defense Force Liaison, post vacant.

Commander? [xxxxxxxxxxx], Tellarite female. Offered the X.O. position and passed on it.

Commander? [xxxxxxxxxxx], Vulcan female. Offered the X.O. position and refused it.

Lieutenant-Commander Aaron Hollywood, Captain of the Yeager-class Light Cruiser U.S.S. Burnham. The first Starfleet Vessel assigned to Starbase Catan. Human male from Mars.

Commander Anya Halsey, Captain of the New Orleans-class Frigate U.S.S. Steve Venters, the second ship assigned to Starbase Catan. Human female from the Jupiter Colonies.

Lieutenant-Commander John Terra, C.O. of the Ptolemy-class Transport/Tug U.S.S. Surmass, of Sarvour Shipyards' merchant fleet. Assigned to operations at and around the Dockyard & Starbase.

Lieutenant-Commander Rick Harding, a Captain fond of mixing drinks, and drinking. Prefers Blood Wine & Saurian Brandy. Human male from Alpha Centauri.

Lieutenant-Commander Jake Montoya, a Captain fond of mixing drinks, and drinking. Prefers Romulan Ale & Tulaberry wine. Human male from Memory Alpha.

Diego Mudd, a solo entrepreneur, S.S. Monaco Fortunato, a Tuffli Class Freighter. Human Male from The Triangle.

OOC Info: This is a project in two parts, a fanfic and an RP campaign that informs & guides the fanfic.
What I consider STO-canon-plus; in other words, adding ships and other details from other licensed works as if they are already integrated into STO's story & continuity.
More details coming soon.

@baddmoonrizin & @starswordc please move this thread from the Captain's Table sub-forum to the Ten Forward forum. Thank you!
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