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Request to make DS9 friendlier to roleplayers

gulo#1704 gulo Member Posts: 1 Arc User
Hey all, I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but feel free to move this to another part of the forum as appropriate.

I'm a dorky roleplayer. With that out of the way, I really enjoy DS9 and I'm thrilled to find that there's a group of people who gather at DS9 to play together.

The DS9 redux is really nice. But I have one major critique that I've seen many agree with. It just has far too many walking NPCs. The ones that are stationary are not a problem. But the ones with walk cycles are, and they're a particular nuisance in Quark's where many of us meet. NPCs walk through willy-nilly, leaping over each other, jumping up on the bar, generally looking pretty silly. It does ruin the immersion a bit -- but also...

...I was wondering if a reduction in the NPCs would help with upping the instance cap (I've no idea if they're related in terms of bandwidth dynamics), as 30 people per instance isn't a whole lot. It's an unspoken rule that the roleplayers gather in instance #1 so we can speak in local. That's much less disruptive than playing in zonechat, which we leave for people to discuss more game-mechanic related stuff as usual. An average prime time might have about 10 people around, but I've seen crowds of up to 17 people on a busy night. As you can imagine there's often a wait to get in, and upping the instance cap to 40 or 50 might be a big help. Thanks for your consideration!
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