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32nd Vipers Seeks Armada and New Members

anarchydreamanarchydream Member Posts: 8 Arc User
Greetings fellow Captains.
32nd Vipers is a mid sized level 77 fleet SEEKING a GAMMA spot in a high ranked armada. (550 or above,or preferably 623 or higher)
We are having some trouble filling the dilithium reqs for colony world holding and the gamma bonus would help us out a lot.
We are also recruiting new members.
We are a hassle free fleet with no real rules.
You can easily rise through the ranks via fleet holding donations.
You can recruit members and run your own events or start your own teamspeak or other chat channels.
There is plenty of room for you and your alts to grow and do pretty much whatever you want.
Please mail or pm me in game at [email protected]
I will return all correspondence ASAP.


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