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Experienced Federation Fleet "Task Force Charlie Alpha" Recruiting and seeking Armada Fleets

Task Force Charlie Alpha is a seasoned fleet formed years ago by members that have played since the dawn of the game. Our Admiral is a friendly, regular player ready at the drop of a hat to offer advice, team-support for difficult missions, dilithium farming, or just wild times with back to back TFO's. You can expect each of our officers to jump in whenever they hear the call for a good time.

So are you looking for friendship, teamwork, wise advice, or just a fun place to be? Task Force Charlie Alpha has room for you and is eager to fold you into our ranks. We have an armada consisting of one other fleet and are still looking to expand with more. No restrictions, no limits. We are just as happy to assist you with your projects and help develop strength for everyone.

Search either for "Task Force Charlie Alpha" in the fleet window or look for the following staff officers:

Savius/Malic/Nalia/Daren/Lindarew/Koga: Our Fleet Admiral
Chloe: Senior Flag Officer
TabithaFurrRess/TabithaFurrRezz/Seven of Ten/Mek'Tor: Senior Flag Officer
T'Pia/Christie/Livara: Fleet Captain

Send any of us a /tell and strike up a conversation, we're painfully friendly.


  • cyberman9999cyberman9999 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited February 12
    Where can I find your fleet policies, rules, promotion requirements, etc?
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