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new button (FILL UP)

toraknutoraknu Member Posts: 78 Arc User
thanks for the new function in the reputation system

(translatet) FILL UP

wich drops in as much as possible in the reputation trait
with only one button a long waitet an often wantet function

only one button yes try with CTRL together.

thanks to you mr unknown programmer wich changes the HUD to give us freedom from
unneccesary mouse clicks in the HUD many thanks !

can we have similar function in the POST OFFICE to get all the items out with one click
i mean the over 30 things all week coming back from exchange (here on 20 chars)
thats another completly sensless MOUSE CLICKER GAME wich we have to get rid off !

pleeeeeeaaaase !

we have unknown HEROS in the game !!

like a hidden and unknown programmer wich gives us freedom and a piece of satisfaction in gameplay !
with small changes in the HUD system.

we are THANKFULL ! have a cigar

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