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So new Picard Series will most likely be dealing with the dissolution of the Romulan Empire.



  • artan42artan42 Member Posts: 10,383 Bug Hunter
    jonsills wrote: »
    artan42 wrote: »
    > @reyan01 said:
    > Well, it's already started. A comment on Bookface:
    > "The descruction of Romulus didn't happen as it was part of the JJ timeline and thats not my trek".
    > (Sp, but then it's a copy-pasted quote and I can't be bothered to correct their spelling).
    > *Sigh*

    The destruction of Romulus (and Vulcan in the Kelvin timeline) in JJ Trek was stupid and lazy writing, just like how the New Republic was one-shotted in ep7........with that said, it's canon. I think any significant part of STO's storyline appearing in the Picard series is wishful thinking. These people don't respect their own lore, why would they respect STO's?

    It's started. Fanbois who think they know Star Trek better than Patrick Stewart. The man who's responsible for driving the direction of the new show. Please tell me how he doesn't respect his 'own lore'?
    "It's started"? You're new around here, aren't you? :smile:

    When TNG came out, Gene Roddenberry was accused of "making a fake Star Trek". Trekkies have long been the legendary Unpleasable Fanbase.

    No, not 'it's started' as in whining fanbois who know better than the creators, 'it's started' as in specific to the Picard show.​​
    Norway and Yeager dammit... I still want my Typhoon and Jupiter though.
    JJ Trek The Kelvin Timeline is just Trek and it's fully canon... get over it. But I still prefer TAR.


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