Two QOL Sorting Suggestions

They are two different things, but similar in nature.

1) When selling to a merchant, I know that I would find it much more convenient, and I doubt that I am alone, if the main inventory items would be displayed before the R&D materials.

I have to scroll through all of the various R&D items that I am carrying before I can actually find the items that I want to sell.
And since I can not just click on the items directly to sell them, it makes it particularly aggravating.

2) Along the same lines, when setting up DOFF missions I have to scroll through all of the professions to check that I only want to view the DOFFs that will give me a bonus, and I have to scroll through all of the traits before I can check the options to display only DOFFs that have a trait that provides a mission bonus or to not display the ones with traits that offer penalties.

Why are these not at the top of their respective lists instead of the bottom?

I mean, if you are going to go through the trouble of making sure that they are all together in one place, why put them in the most inconvenient place?