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Sto Community Positivity Challenge.

thevampinatorthevampinator Member Posts: 634 Arc User
This is something that has been going on for a long time, we get self absorbed, we can go very negative, bashful, and well it isn't good for the sprite, when was the last time we were positive, how can be bring positivity to the game and make it and the community a better place.
Now this thread is not for negativity. I'm making it for postivity and love. To share your most positive experiences with people in the community no matter how small or minor. To go out and thank your friends and your guild mates. The Developers and the Forum Moderators for the Hard work they have put into the game and into the forums. Even if you don't feel that way at least try, Lets try to bring a positive experience to the game and to our fellow community members who work so hard each day. Over the last few years negativity has reached to a very dangerous point, in the real world and I am sure even worse in the Sto community and others. We are in the season for giving, there is many ways to give there is many ways to help out your fellow community members, Many ways to bring good joy, find ways to spread it, wherever one can in zone chats. to Friends to your guild mates and on the forums.

I am thankful we have the game, I think we can do more to become better and enlightened human beings, This was the Legacy Gene wanted Star Trek to have. As we play the game this holiday season I challenge everyone to move passed their personal bias and hatreds. To be friendly to those you don't know. To spread love, and talk about your positive experiences here. To give to random strangers, to show support to those who have made the game we have possible. If a Dev comes on don't demand from them in the sto chat but thank them. For all the hard work they have done. Even go out and spread this love and positivity to your real life neighbors. To your real life friends.

Please feek free share your most positive moments in the community. Lets get into the holiday sprite. I do want to show thanks for everyone to the moderators to the community at large, for those who have worked hard to make sure we have a good community on the forums and in the game. I like to thank the developers of the game for all the hard work they put into it. I want to thank my friends in the community at large and I wish everyone to have a wonderful holiday season this year. There is many ways we can bring positivity love and good cheer and make the community at large a better place by doing so. :) So lets all take the challenge.


  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 6,054 Arc User
    Merry Christmas morning, everyone!
    Hope your Ice races be less slippery, and may your DPS shine bright in every STF you run. LOL! :)
    Go kill the snowmen! :)
    "Spend your life doing strange things with weird people." -- UNK

    “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” -- Benjamin Franklin
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