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Please add Caitian to the player race choice for Agents of Yesterday

thepet81thepet81 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
As the title suggests I would like to ask for the Caitian player race to be added as a choice in Agents of Yesterday. The Missions for Agents of Yesterday are set in 2270 and the Caitian character of M'Ress was featured in Star Trek The Animated Series in 2269, so this race would be active in Starfleet at this time and would make a nice difference from the primary 4 races that again feature in Age of Discovery.


  • thepet81thepet81 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    ruinthefun wrote: »
    AoY is TOS-based rather than including any TAS material, though. Thus, no Caitians.

    Include Deltans instead, that would totally fit within the TOS Costume Budget.

    The Animated Series is generally considered to be year 5 of Kirk’s 5 year mission, also as I pointed our there’s only one year between both. So really TAS and the Caitians have a stronger ties to AoY than the Deltans.
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