Phoenix event ends 2 hrs early?

From dev blog: "We are excited to announce the return of the Phoenix Prize Pack, which return to Star Trek Online on PC from November 8th at 8AM PT til November 12th at 10am PT."

Event ended a little while ago. It is currently 8:16 AM PT.

Clocks are hard, I guess?


  • bloodyriz
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    Yeah I had a cruddy weekend at work and was barely able to get the phoenix event worked into my days, then I miss the last day simply because they ended it early.​​
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  • salazarraze
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    Funny thing is as of 9:19 the upgrade bonus and lobi sale are still working so someone definitely goofed.
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  • iamynaught
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    I thought it was just me. I read that it would end at 10am Pacific and knew I had 2 hours left, but decided to get it done "early" today. Turns out, not early enough. I got the mission, Transwarped to Drozana, beamed aboard and I saw Grym simply disappear before I got to him to claim the pack. Missed him by seconds.

    Not the first time an event ended early, not even the first time a Phoenix event ended early. I'm just ticked because with the lag/rubberbanding I've been getting for the last couple of weeks, I might have actually made it in time if not for said lag, since it was likely less than 5 seconds I needed to get the pack.

    Oh well, it is what it is, can't do anything about it on my end. Except complain. :)
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  • postagepaid
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    The last console phoenix week ended by monday lunchtime instead of tuesday around 5 (UK time) which was two freebies worth that went awol.

    One thing I wish they'd do is allow you to talk to grym, collect the mission and claim without exiting out of the chat with him entirely inbetween.