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Skills Screen UI error

mjarbarmjarbar Member Posts: 2,080 Arc User
edited September 2018 in Tribble - Bug Reports
Bug: UI shows skills invalid

Description: as above, when doing a respec the message is still displayed regardless of how many times the player respecs their skills.

Category: UI (poss systems???)

How it happened:
  1. Start a daily reputation mission and complete.
  2. EDIT ADDITION Get rep to T6.
  3. *Did projects for respec token, vanity shield and FSM.
  4. Message in Reputation UI reports skills invalid.
  5. Goto skills screen
  6. Respec skills and spend skill points as required
  7. Message "Skills invalid" still remains.



* The three projects may be the cause I don't know as I only noticed the error after they were done.

After the respec the message in the reputation screen cleared and I was also able to spend specialization points where I wanted. After the respec even though the message remained I could not tell if my game-play was affected or not, and none of the amount of damage or healing seemed to be affected leading me to believe that this is a UI error only.

However given that it costs players for the respec tokens this error message could lead players to believe there is a problem with their skills and so continuously payout for tokens that are not required!
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  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 5,906 Arc User
    I was looking at something similar on previous build on Tribble..... I wrote about it in here:


    I have not leveled up any rep on the Tribble build released on 9-26, yet. I need to copy over another character because I don't want to lose the Vanity shields I already unlocked.

    Devs...would it be possible to get those shields into the console on Drozana so I can see them at will.
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  • mike03ucmike03uc Member Posts: 215 Arc User
    I was just thinking that bug looks eerily familiar. I think this is a problem related to the revamp of the reputation system; if you check any rep, it mentions something about "Reputation Skills" and says your skills need a respec in order to view said skills. I'd actually been trying to decide whether or not to respec, as I'd yet to see anything about "Reputation Skills". Now I know not to bother.
  • mjarbarmjarbar Member Posts: 2,080 Arc User
    Yep, as I mention in the original post my skills seemed unaffected after I did a respec while the message was still there so it looks to me like a display error.

    On further testing I found the error occurs on the skill screen when the T6 tier upgrade project for 5 marks is completed, not when the projects for the token, FSM or vanity shied were done. Next time I will do more testing before making a report!
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