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Looking for a fleet

sthraikagesthraikage Member Posts: 4 Arc User
Hello I am looking for a fleet to join for my Klingon romulan and dominion please


  • jcswwjcsww Member Posts: 5,857 Arc User
    Fed or KDF side? Feel free to drop in the "tenforwardforum" in-game chat and see who is around to see if you are interested.
  • mjolldirmjolldir Member Posts: 31 Arc User
    if you are plying on PC, you are welcome to join KDF Elite Force 'avwI' batlh tlhIngan', pm @Mjolldir1986 when you are in game for an invite. Qapla'
  • winters83winters83 Member Posts: 471 Media Corps
    sthraikage wrote: »
    Hello I am looking for a fleet to join for my Klingon romulan and dominion please

    Hi @sthraikage,

    I would like to offer you a position in our community, Priority One Armada. We are a friendly casual group with members from all over the world and from all walks of life. Our main membership is from the US, then UK and mainland EU. I am from Ireland myself. We are always getting new members joining our community every day of the week. Some are brand new to the game, others are long time veterans and others are players that took an extended break and have recently returned.

    Since we are not just "one" fleet and actually "two" full armada's (1 Fed and 1 KDF) it means that we have members on nearly all the time. Everyone is very friendly and helpful and always willing to offer help and advice to those who ask for it.

    If you're interested or you want more information you can check out our main recruitment thread that I have linked below as well as our website. If you have any questions that you would like answered first please let me know and I would be happy to answer them for you.

    If you decide that you do wish to join, you can either leave a reply on our recruitment thread listing each [email protected] and the faction of each toon that you wish to have join. Or if you like you can simply submit an application on our website and once approved we can send you a fleet invite from there.

    Link to main recruitment thread: Click Here

    Link to Priority One Armada website: Click Here

    Twitter: @P1Winters83 YouTube: WintersGaming
    =/\= ========================================== =/\=
    Fleet Admiral Winters - Priority One Armada
    U.S.S. Wolverine - NCC 831216
    =/\= ========================================== =/\=
    Armada Leader // Executive Producer // Host // Priority One Podcast
  • midevilchaos#4670 midevilchaos Member Posts: 199 Arc User
    If you are interested in playing within a Fed faction, the Federation Science Directorate is pretty big but very friendly.

    As for our KDF fleet, we have Tribbles 'n Bits. Our KDF faction is being rebuilt by me, so if you're ever interested in joining a fleet where you could contribute and climb the ranks fairly easily, it'd be a great start. And I play as a Jem'Hadar myself.
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