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Jolantru! Celebrate t'Rllaillieu's Legacy and you could win a free 1M EC!

zurielsevenzurielseven Member Posts: 22 Arc User
edited September 2018 in Fleet Recruitment
For three years, t'Rllaillieu's Legacy fleet has grown as a family and expanded to encompass an Armada. We are issuing an invitation to players throughout the game to celebrate with us - and WIN.

The fleet t'Rllaillieu's Legacy has been hailed, by its members and officers, as "the most giving fleet in all of Star Trek Online", and they're not just talking about our IRL giving. From May 1 to the end of August, we've held continuous Armada events and giveaways, giving out over 750 Million EC, 65 ships, 150 traits, and countless upgraded pieces of gear as prizes.

Our Anniversary Party kicks off on October 6th, 2018 at 5p Eastern time. Every gamer who PMs "Happy 3rd Anniversary t'Rllaillieu's Legacy" to one of our fleets' members HAS THE CHANCE to be entered to win a free 1M EC (and one lucky person may even win a Lobi ship I want to give as a prize). (We may be looking in Zone and Local chat as well to award prizes!) We will be giving out at least 75M EC (so AT LEAST 75 winners) between 5p and 8p Eastern! Look for members of one of these fleets:
  • t'Rllaillieu's Legacy
  • t'Rllaillieu's Marauders
  • 5th Special Operations Division
  • Karpos
  • Dominion Federation Alliance
  • Kill Team Alpha
  • The Logical Ones
  • -SPACEBALLS the Fleet-
  • Marauders
  • Phoenix-Staffel

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  • zurielsevenzurielseven Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    ruinthefun wrote: »
    This title seems a little bit self-appointed.

    If you care to test the validity of those opinions, please feel free to ask or investigate at your leisure.
  • neolithichengeneolithichenge Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    t'Rllailieu was a character in Diane Duane's series of Star Trek novels focusing on the Romulans in the TOS era. As I understand it, it was something of a cult fan favorite.

    Concerning the generosity of the fleet, I'm a member and I can verify that it's a very generous group, and pleasant to be a part of. Personally, I've made in-game and actual friends I enjoy playing the game with, and in addition to helping each other out with in-game items, currency, advice, and backup in missions/queues, it's a socially very active group, and that frequently involves large giveaways/contests for all of the groups members.

    But, nobody's in it for 'stuff'- it's a fine group, we have a lot of fun, and if we're a bit proud of generosity of time, effort, and in game goods, well, people have been proud of more vain or crass things, or unduly proud of pithy things. Maybe I'm biased both as someone who's benefited from that generosity and also as the dedicated Morale Officer who oversees and contributes to a lot of our giveaways, but we work hard to have a spirit of giving be a part of our group culture.

    But, as Zurie pointed out above, we're celebrating our anniversary by trying to share it with others and make sure they have more fun in game. Anyone is welcome to join us and see for themselves.
  • zurielsevenzurielseven Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    ruinthefun wrote: »
    ruinthefun wrote: »
    This title seems a little bit self-appointed.

    If you care to test the validity of those opinions, please feel free to ask or investigate at your leisure.
    I mean, lots of fleets give things. Claiming you're the MOST giving implies that you either have a quantifiable value to back that up, or that your members have a somewhat biased and/or narrow view. A hyperbolic claim like that deserves challenging. Based on a cursory examination, that title should rightfully belong to the Dental fleets, which have given away assets in the multi-billions.

    While the claim itself may seem a bit disproportionate, I understand your skepticism. We're not limited to in-game giveaways - our members have been to conventions in many different places, given away Con swag and STO-themed codes, have purchased and given out several dozens of pieces of authenticated memorabilia from the 3-day Star Trek 50th Anniversary Convention put on by Creation Entertainment in Chicago, and made tremendous efforts to make our Armada's holidays personally enjoyable over last year's 2017 holiday season. This does NOT include the amount(s) spent ingame in EC, dil, or other wares, nor does it include amounts spent by other officers in the fleet through STO currency OR in real-world amounts. These, and our Armada's repeated willingness to open the opportunity to win to any player that cares to interact is what I suspect my fleet's members claims are based upon, but as I've said - please ask others within the fleet how they base their opinion. There are certainly enough of them in-game that you can find someone to do so.

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