Leaver Penalty

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Joined for a random TFO, Got kicked by the server (something that happens all the time anyway). Logged back in and got a leaver penalty; super un-fun.

Kael told me to put things here


I was told to rewrite this, its not very hard:

1. Push "Join Random" in the Task Force Operations window
2. Wait for the random queue to fill
3. Wait for the people to accept after pushing Accept
4. Load instance animation fills, at some point during the instance loading the server kicks you
5. Log back in, and receive Leaver penalty

This has currently happened to me everywhere; it does not appear to be new, nor does it happen on any single instance, or loading into any specific queue. I have no idea how to replicate it since I never know when it's about to happen. The latest time I was in Sol System, and I have no idea what I was loading into since it was random.
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    I was doing Defense of Star Base 1 and had two CTD during the first try, but no leaver penalty. After first CTD, I was able to get back into match, but not after second CTD. I did a second run in DSB1 and soon after the start I again had a CTD, but this time after getting back into TRIBBLE, I had a leaver penalty. I don't know what caused the CTD; I thought it was have lighting 2.0 active, but still happened after changing to 1.0. It may have been related to a power effect, but cannot say which one. I have not had any CTD for a long time on HOLODECK with this computer.
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