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Is there an issue with the Account Servers?

I was logged out this morning around 10am PST during an event run and haven't been able to log back in due to a "account server timed out" issue. The icon indicates that the game servers are up, but there is a message that the website is having issue. I tried to file a support ticket but it isn't processing.

I looked over the tech support forum, but nothing in there about the issue either.

Obviously it is not my own connection given that I able to play other games and visit this web site.

Nothing on the facebook page about log in issues so I ask, is there something wrong with the Log in Account Servers?

What happened to those unique forum ranks I paid for?


  • lordatrocitieslordatrocities Member Posts: 459 Arc User
    Also appears that there is a connection time out with the patch server. This prevents the game launcher from even allowing a log in attempt. Just one of those days I guess.
    What happened to those unique forum ranks I paid for?
  • captainhunter1captainhunter1 Member Posts: 1,554 Arc User
    Same issue here.

    Booted out of the game mid-click at around 10am. Haven't been able to get back in since then. (Account server connection time out.)
  • palinel69palinel69 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Same Issue My Dad and I can not log in he has a lifetime account and it wont log in, he changed characters and boom kicked, while I had been trying for 30 minutes... we are losing out on the bonus and our game tiem together
  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 8,790 Arc User
    It was fine for me from around 5:20 pacific until just before 7 PM Pacific, but the servers have now joined the choir invisible.

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