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Map discussion thread

This thread is to discuss the various pre-made maps we have in Foundry, what they are and what they can be used for.

To start off, I'm going to go with something that's a rather interesting space map; Gamma Okana. this is interesting because 1: it's TOS but NOT K7 or Drozana. So it has a different layout. It has the central star base with a big frisbee, a vertical shaft and 3 pylons out to the sides, but it also has several pylons attached to asteroids that are drifting nearby. There's not a lot else on the map really, so plenty of room to add stuff. What it does have is a lot of asteroids near the starbase and two rather small moons.... that's it. It's not even a large part of the map. So, great option if you want a TOS style starbase.
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  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Member Posts: 35,231 Arc User
    edited August 2018
    #2: Andoria (Outdoor)

    Cons: very samey scenery, recognizable since it's a social zone, some baked in Federation consoles.

    Pros: quite expansive, and if you want to change the way it feels from ice and snow, changing the lighting does wonders on this map. also it has a survival tent, do we have those as placeable?

    #3: also outdoor, Arawath

    cons: lots of baked in faction specific assets, Klingon, Federation AND Bajoran stuff! Also ship debris scattered everywhere.

    Pros: it has a baked in Klingon field command site. aside from the antennas, the rest of the props are easy to hide.
    My character Tsin'xing
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