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Discovery uniforms!

I've been having fun with them.

But, since Discovery made a point of showing Intel officers wearing black, I made the costumes to reflect their specialties. Intel more so than the others. The "regular" colors are the super bright ones. Intel has the main color faded, and black for the highlight color. It's a bit hard to see it on most of them, but the highlight color is in 5 places. Most obvious are the elbow pads and shoulder bars. But it's also on the stripe on the side of the boot, the pattern on the side of the torso, and the color of combadge. I didn't actually use custom colors either. I just went with something that came close to the color of the Specialization. So Pilot is light blue/silver, Command is orange-brown/bronze, and Miracle Worker is yellow/gold. I didn't make Intel purple but I don't think I really had the option to make them purple anyways. Discovery used black for Intel, so I did too.

If you want the exact color assignments, I typed those up. the color numbers are the numbers assigned in the special palette the Discovery jackets use for the main channel.

This is the primary color of the outfit and chosen based on whether it's a tactical/engineer/science officer. most pieces have this as channel 1.

This is the color for the specialization. Used for most channels other than main and the metallic channels.

This is used for any color channel that doesn't use proper colors and uses metallic highlight colors. Also based on specialization.

Naxaia, Tac, captain: main A24; sec: S19; metal: A16
Flores, Tac, Pilot; main A23; sec: B19; metal: A13
Deetta, Tac, Intel; Q4, S24, A16
4 of 6, Eng, Comm; A3, R1, A12
Pereed, Eng Intel; A6, S24, A16
T'vrell, Sci, MW; B21, D9, A1
Syrrin, Sci, Intel; B24, S24, A16

Hypothetical Temp: A1, A9
hypothetical non-spec: S16, A14

Discovery Jacket: main, sec, sec, metal
Discovery pants tight: main, sec
Boot Discovery: main, (black), sec, metal
combadge: metal

Intel gloves; main, sec, sec, (special channel for skin)
Intel wrist panel: main
Belt Intel; main
23c Tellarite belt: sec, main
Osyssey belt: main, sec, sec, metal
Ent Mirror belt: main, sec

So what have you guys been doing with them, in or out of Foundry?
My character Tsin'xing
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