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Expanded Ship Customization Idea

I have had discussion with the community over something recently with an idea to further improve the ship customization in Star Trek Online. My idea is split up into 2 parts, color customization and deflector dish styles.

The first idea is color choice. At the moment ships have about 7 hull types plus upgrade and veteran and patterns to your ship with color choice of said pattern. The idea is to allow players to change the color of there warp nacelles, bussard collectors and impulse engines. Each of these would be a seperate menu under the ship customizer and would have the same color choice as pattern colors. An example of this would be an Odyssey class with purple warp nacelles, blue impulse engines and green bussard collectors. This idea doesn't need to be complex just a solid color for each and the assets for this would be easy to implement just look at vanity shields.

My second idea is to change the deflector dish style. Currently we only have vanity items which only add effects to it and don't actually change the style and different hull types. This idea would allow a player to change the deflector dish from the already existing hull types (1-7, upgrade and veteran). An example would be Upgrade hull with the type 7 deflector dish. This would be very easy to add as all you need is a drop down menu with the already existing deflectors from each hull to choose from.

The last point I wish to discuss is "will it cost Zen"? This was a point brought up by many people that I mentioned this idea to and had different answers. Some would gladly pay 500 even 1000 Zen for this feature I personally am indifferent about it but if its a paid service like the NX registry I would pay for it.

Anyways that's my idea of a very basic customization option for ships to make everyone have a personalized ship even if it's the same class ship as their friends or other players. Feel free to comment or add to this discussion and help improve the idea.
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