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Video Tour of The Defiant And WIP Enterprise D.

lordatrocitieslordatrocities Member Posts: 459 Arc User
Some time ago I worked with a small group of engineers and we designed and built the Defiant to a 1:1 scale in minecraft. The video is a bit long in tooth as it was one of my first attempts at live streaming on youtube. The Defiant is only one of about two dozen ships we have built over the years. Currently we have to major builds underway on the server if you'd like to join and view, the Enterprise D, and a large version of the Sovereign Class named the Luminosity. If you'd just like to look at the server, check out the http://dynmap.minetrek.net/ link. Anyone with minecraft can join the server. We do use some mods, but those are easy to install.

Keep in mind that this was done in minecraft, and minecraft is a voxel based game. It is also the only game that will allow the scale needed to make these sized ships. The Enterprise D is incredibly large.

Defiant Tour - (takes a minute to get going as I square away live stream)
WIP - Enterprise D tour -

https://minetrek5.weebly.com/ - scroll down page for list of required mods and links.
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