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KDF Role-Play Fleet Recruiting (Story-Driven Fleet)

bentillerbentiller Member Posts: 43 Arc User
The Empire has changed. Warriors need guidance more than ever to remain on the straight and narrow path of honor. Corruption grows in every shadow of the Empire and so many times warriors speak of honor only to hide their treacherous deeds. Too often politicians speak of duty - while only trying to further their ambitions.

Where are the words of Kahless? Have we forgotten? The Order of the Watchmen exists to train warriors to fight the growing corruption within and without the Empire, and to follow the path of true honor as laid out by Kahless. We offer refuge and sanctuary to those seeking a home, we train and explore the depths and complex nuances of Klingon Society. Join us - fight the good fight, experience the glory of the culture of the Klingon Empire - claim your place in sto'vo'kor! Or will you sit complacent as corruption claims the heart of the Empire and other powers seek permanent influence over out people.

Order of the Watchmen is a long-standing Klingon Role-Play fleet, dedicated to fighting stereotypes of Klingons as mindless brawlers and killing machines (Of course, we are, but the Order also seeks to delve deep into culture and concepts of Honor and the teachings of Kahless). We are lore-friendly, heavily driven by story. Most important, we are ACTIVE. We have two weekly rp sessions, and an amazing community. We run regular competitions, such as story competitions, contribution contests, bat'leth competitions, screenshot contests and award awesome prizes, millions of ec, T6 ships, Master Keys. We're a friendly and engaged fleet.

I am more than happy to answer any questions here or you can feel free to contact me in game - my handle is bentiller.


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    bentillerbentiller Member Posts: 43 Arc User
    Empire Broadcast....

    This is reporter Pik reporting for the Empire Broadcast. Bringing you the news you need when you need it. I'm currently live in the city of Gartok in the Vor system. Here, last night, a swarm of Hurq vessels attacked the valiant 52nd defense fleet. They fought with honor, but were pushed back- Hurq landed on the planet and continued to ravage the city until the Black Targ fleet arrived and together with the remnants of the 52nd, repelled the attack.

    Where the hurq came from is unknown, but the swarm is still out there and the battle continues. As we speak, Councilor Woden and Noggra are amassing several fleets to help defend the Mempa sector. The Vor, Ceren, and Vesper system are on high alert. We're switching you over now to front-line reporter N'gan.

    This is N'Gan, I am reporting live from in front of the devestated Museum of Gartok, the only museum on the planet, home to several thousand artifacts detailing the history of this planet and the Empire's conquest in the surrounding systems. The museum was attacked by the Hurq as they stormed the city - several staff and a good portion of the City Guard in the area are reported as dead - thankfully, I've been in touch with Councilor Woden.

    Several ships belonging to the secretive sect - Order of the Watchmen, were sent before the attack and managed to save the curator and a great deal of the collection within the museum. What remained behind was laid to waste. It's estimated, in addition to the historical and cultural value lost when the Hurq ravaged the museum, it will take roughly, 1,200 bars of GPL or roughly 250,000 universal credits to repair damage done to the museum and surrounding business.

    As for where the rescued artifacts are now - we've been assured they are being kept save on secure vaults on First City until this menace has been dealt with. Reports from the battered defending fleets suggest that more reinforcements then are being sent are necessary in order to properly defend the sector, but with so many wars of late- it is uncertain they will be able to rally the number of ships in time. There is talk that the Empire may enlist further help from the sect "Order of the Watchmen", but right now - the High Council has made no official motion.

    This is N'gan, Empire Broadcast Company - reporting live. Stay tuned for more information:

    The Order of the Watchmen are starting a new RP arc. Join us every Tues. at 9:30 EsT and every Saturday at 7:30 EsT to take part in what is sure to be a fun and engaging arc as the Order tackles the Empire's greatest threat- the Hurq. Our fleet is actively recruiting anyone interested in fighting the good fight. Contact me in game if interested. My handle is bentiller
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