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Suggestion/Request regarding Bank and Inventory slots

Please can you raise or altogether remove the limit on the number of Inventory and Bank slots one can purchase per character? I have maxed out on both slots on my main toon and now that a new season will begin, I will need more. Please look into it as soon as possible. Thank you.
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  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 6,054 Arc User
    edited April 2018
    Have you maxed out the number of characters you have?

    Every character you make comes with more bank slots. You can use them as "storage bins"...and not play with them.

    Have you maxed out the number of Ships and Boff slots?
    Every Boff, every active ship...all of them can store gear.

    I would take inventory and see what you have in storage you may no longer need. You may just be collecting too much stuff.
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