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Looking for Live, IRC-based RP? Check out the USF!

thastothasto Member Posts: 18 Arc User
Ever dream of serving aboard a Sovereign, Galaxy, Intrepid, or Excelsior class ship? How about a Starbase or Planetary Outpost? Ever want to attend Starfleet Academy? Do you like Star Trek and Roleplaying? Then the USF is the place to be!

Founded in 1995, the United Space Federation is one of the oldest Star Trek role-playing groups around. We currently have over a dozen realtime IRC chat-based and Play-by-Post Simulations in action that will provide you with an excellent opportunity for adventure and excitement among the stars!

If you are interested in the Star Trek universe and consider yourself imaginative, then the USF is for you! Visit us at www.sector001.com today to find out more about our group and the many sims that comprise the USF!
Currently Hosting Outpost Phoenix, a United Space Federation Chat-Based Star Trek Sim. New players are always welcome! Come check us out!
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