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NEW MISSION - The Prison of "C"

The Prison of "C"
by helixfungus
30 minutes - 1 hour

You have been called back to ESD for debriefing after a mission on the Palabra Cluster.
You were sent there to check on USS Gibbon and her crew,
under disguise to follow two pre-warp civilizations in the area.

This mission deals with a question: How a Starfleet Captain can comply to the First Directive and do nothing in the face of a blatant humanitarian crisis.

Background story narration, little combat.
Insert by going in to ESD, turn 180 degrees and walk up the ramp to Club 47. Talk to Shoko Futagami to start.



  • rickysmith1rickysmith1 Member Posts: 610 Arc User
    I enjoyed this one. :smile:

    How did you choice to end it?
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