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An inquiry

benalexanderbenalexander Member Posts: 38 Arc User
Hey folks,

I'm coming to you from the far away land, where “Rechtsschutzversicherungsvertreter” is actually a real word, hoping this sub-forum is the right place (it seemed to be the only one to have something to do with RP).

First, for a bit of context (which after all, is for kings): Some time ago, I came in contact with a German role playing fleet, which regularly saves all chatlogs from their stories to post them in their fleet forum. As you can imagine, this used to be quite a hassle, since you want to replace the char @ handle with a RP-name and maybe ad some colors for the different players. So I wrote a little program, that basically does that for you. It utilized the /chatlog command, that saves everything posted to a file. The program then reads the logfile, lets you chose which channels and players to display, add colors, BBCodes etc. – all ready to be posted on the forums. Think of it as a kind of Combatlog Reader for chats. This cut down the time to edit a chat to less than a minute and I am glad to say, people quite liked it (I'm even a bit proud, given the fact I am not so much a programmer, as a megalomaniacal amateur).

Now, my question: Do you, the English speaking RP fleets, also save all your chats to post them in forums (or want to)? Since the program is pretty much done, I thought I would offer it. However, before I put any more work into it and start translating / adapting it, I just wanted to ask if there is any interest or demand or if you already have a tool like this.

Best regards

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