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Electrical weapons

kronin#4685 kronin Member Posts: 325 Arc User
Is there any advantage to using electrical weapons? I know that ballistic weapons, like the Z C shotgun, the Borg can't adapt to them. Is there anything like that I should know when I see a weapon that is electric?


  • darkbladejkdarkbladejk Member Posts: 3,243 Community Moderator
    I've never been a fan of electrical weapons as there's not much that I've seen that boosts them or they work well with. They can have their uses depending on setup and such, though imo there's much better out there to use.
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  • ironmakoironmako Member Posts: 770 Arc User
    I have a Ferengi alt, So I went full canon and have the D'Kora and also a brace of energy whips for him and his away team. Even at Epic mk XIV its not a devastating weapon, but it sure is fun.

    Electrical weapons are supposed to have a benefit agaist machines, but I don't see any difference when shooting things like swarmers and voth mechs.
  • odinforever20000odinforever20000 Member Posts: 1,849 Arc User
    I use the Somepeck Pulse Wave on my Sci toon due to the all energy debuffs (Electrical is an energy type). Its pretty fun but certainly no better or worse than any other weapons on ground.


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  • disqord#9557 disqord Member Posts: 567 Arc User
    While the Borg can adapt to electrical damage, such as on the aforementioned energy whip, there's a minor bug when it comes to weapons with DoTs. The Kentari Residuum weapon's stacking plasma damage and Sompek weapons' inductive scattering don't seem to be resisted by adaptation.

    Of course, the residuum's secondary fire is useless and the Sompek gun's regular damage is still resisted, but it works well enough on a budget.
  • burstorionburstorion Member Posts: 1,750 Arc User
    edited January 2018
    Gather round boys, girls, porgs and any other combo applicable and I'll explain how to use the glory that is the sompek pulsewave (if you've seen a guy in jet black armor with teal parts to match the gun in elite ground, thats me)

    First things first - ignore the pew value, what you are looking for is the dot - that dot lasts 2s, each second doing 100-odd dot that ignores shields (also the primary and secondary modes have individual dots). That dot is the Sompeks power like the Kentari lubethrower, a 100% guaranteed, shield ignoring dot in a type with very low resists (typically) - This weapon is no instant kill weapon, but it can and will ruin any high shield bosses day and any enemies in range

    That said, do not ignore range - the more damage the better, after all - but you do not need to worry about range constantly, so you can feel happy to shoot at distance...the dot applies with no deviation no matter the distance

    Now for the Sompek itself and its attack - One rarely noticed thing is this dot/damage can and will chain (approximately 30% by my annecdotal evidence, never really tested it) but heres the thing - multiple mobs hit with the same blast can all 'proc' chain scattering, meaning cc powers are a wonderful addition to your kit - group 'em up then take them to chain town

    Secondly there are buffs for the sompek- if you look for them

    1. 2pc Lukari (gun and shield).. electricity damage increase (applies to all electrical powers too, if you like sompek lightening...) not to mention in a pinch the Luka gun can be a lifesaver (its range is also longer and its heal feature can be a useful assist 'sidearm')
    2. [Wpn]x kits - buffs the dot and raw damage, its up to you to balance with kperf
    3. Temporal spec tree - dot increase, res debuff with dot...
    4. Temporal armor - +25% to all dots...take a guess what gets buffed?
    5. Damage increasing powers/abilities - increases that glorious dot and base damage
    6. Gold xiv - this weapon benefits from its boost simply for the dot boost of raw damage/dot and the boost from wpn mod
    7. Commando spec - You want to use the secondary as often as possible to double apply the dot (with temporal spec and kit spam, you'll be firing often, let alone a certain tac module..)
    8. Kit build - the sompek works well either as a support weapon (your kit powers are the main damage source) or as a heavily buffed heavy hitter (but not as well as other weapons, I'll admit) or a middle of the road weapon - in any case, with the above in all cases dot abuse is heavily reccomended as is cc options to bunch up targets into blast distance
    9. Trait abuse - rifle boost, omega, up close and personal (not 100%, but I think this affects dot damage on the weapon), some of those attack dot proc abilities.. be creative!

    Theres various other little things to increase the mayhem, but for now this should be enough for any sompek warrior to go on
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