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Special Reconnaissance Squadron - Recruitment - 9 Fleets available

mattjohnsonvamattjohnsonva Member Posts: 4,974 Arc User
edited February 2019 in Fleet Recruitment

Join here: http://srs-fleet.net/html/join_srs.html

Special Reconnaissance Squadron is recruiting again. SRS is a group of 7 fleets, many of which specialise in different areas of the game. We are an international group based out of the UK. We have event organisers in most timezones. Everyone is welcome to join and you will find us laid back but professional, family friendly and helpful. Our website has many current builds and our Discord server is usually buys, especially in the evenings, should you wish to chat verbally.

We have access to all holdings maxed out and our Colony World is approaching T4.

Uniquely we have a our very own Mission Replay Points system which uses combat log data to track your progress as you play events. There are around 2000 events per year and you are measured on DPS, Threat, Healing and team damage %, this, coupled with bonus events for each week will end up giving the player a score which is added to our ongoing leaderboards. At the end of the year there are some pretty big prizes, as seen below.

Events vary hugely, but we have many many custom built foundry episodes that are open to all, reward dilithium and are fantastic fun. Here are a few of the events we are putting on at the moment and a few past ones as examples.

If you feel you would like to join our fleet please click on the link below and follow the instructions. We look forward to meeting you.

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  • chrisevans34chrisevans34 Member Posts: 190 Arc User
    I have been in this fleet since the early days of me playing this game, and what can i say, MAN OH MAN you can NOT find a nicer bunch of people. Ever so helpful on many aspects, even sometimes, not even to do with the game, even tho i rarely play now, still wudnt swap them for anyone else! :smiley: best fleet EVER!!!!!!! :)
  • sellarionsellarion Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I've been in this fleet since 2012 and I've not regretted it for a day. I would have long since quit the game if it wasn't for SRS. The added layer of content (through Foundry missions and MRP) is what makes this game enjoyable for me on a daily basis. All this because of a sort of family, a very mature and intelligent core of people that make this fleet what it is.
  • rudolfpflanzrudolfpflanz Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    This is by far the most active fleet/armada. The management are second to none. Real events, with real prizes, some are tangible, such as replica Star Trek kit, to runner up prizes, rare ships, modules, and lock box keys.

    It is however, the people who make it. They are all great people who work well as a team and support all members no matter the skill level, from beginner to advanced pvp player.

    The builds that some of the senior fleet management have are some of the top hitting DPS builds in the game.

    I can't recommend the fleet enough.
  • odinforever20000odinforever20000 Member Posts: 1,844 Arc User
    Ive seen a few of these guys around..Might have to Pop a toon in with their PVP division.


    Rouge Sto Wiki Editor.

  • silverlobes#2676 silverlobes Member Posts: 1,953 Arc User
    The most awesomely welcoming and accomodating fleet, which has been good enough to give my main and alts a good home. Amazing events, with a fantastic sense of community. Elite skills, without an elitist attitude, SRS is a truly first rate fleet :sunglasses:
    "I fight for the Users!" - Tron

    "I was here before you, I will be here after you are gone. I am here, regardless of your acknowledgement or acceptance..." - The Truth
  • tomebe11tomebe11 Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    I joined the fleet about a year and a half ago and I haven't regretted it. SRS is such a welcoming, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable fleet and if it wasn't for the fact that I joined SRS I would play STO nearly as much. The MRP adds a fun element which makes me strive to make my build better.
  • aprillaaprilla Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Hello. Is this a PC only Fleet? I'm playing on PS4. Thanks :)
  • aprillaaprilla Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    OK Thanks
  • chrisevans34chrisevans34 Member Posts: 190 Arc User
    Some great things going on :smiley:
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