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Unknown Com Signals !!!!

toraknutoraknu Member Posts: 78 Arc User
edited December 2017 in Ten Forward
........"HO HO HOOOO".....

Sir that little shuttle has open a communikation channel , we recive some original sounds from the aliens.... wich the translator cant decrypt,
the communication officer was really disturbed. for several minutes he watches the little DOT on the radar screeen.

sqadron charly will reach the position of the shuttlecraft soon we try to identifiy the objekt....
the officer at HQ Earth was shure that the fighter squad will be quick on that destination.

...........ahem earth hq...... do you read me thats leader of squad charly ....we reach the position of the shuttle , or at least of the radar signature of the shuttle but .......there is NO shuttle i repeat there is....... (the voice was disturbed by static)
.....no shuttle ....all we find here is a big cargo box , painted in red with a huge band around and a painted sign or letters at the side.....
"MERRY X MAS "....... do you read me ? sqad leader leader has NO SIGN of a shuttle only a drifting container.... so please send an transport ship to get that thing inspected.....(again the static disabled the voice ...must be far out )

So friends and ALIENS where ever you may be as you notice this litte story.....

MERRY X MAS ALL in the universe here from the little blue marble here at SOL....
and a peacefull time in the new year...


  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 6,054 Arc User
    @toraknu Thank you! Very creative. :) Happy holidays to you and your family and friends. :) Have a great 2018!
    "Spend your life doing strange things with weird people." -- UNK

    “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” -- Benjamin Franklin
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