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[TWITCH] Ep22 - Priority One Armada Weekly Twitch Stream

winters83winters83 Member Posts: 472 Media Corps
Live Stream Date: November 4th, 2017
Episode 22

Hello Captains and welcome to the Priority One Armada Live Stream. Broadcasting live via Twitch on Saturday, November 4, 2017. Tonight the team meets at Quarks on DS9 to discuss the latest in Star Trek Online news. Plus the Priority One Armada Dancers are in the house showing off the new zombie dance emote. Then, universes collide when we take on the Terrans in the Badlands Battlezone. We explode their ships in droves.

During the Roundtable on this week’s show, we will discuss the latest Star Trek Online news, we will also share the latest Priority One Armada news and highlight some of the outstanding members within the Armada.

After the Roundtable, we will warp to [the Badlands] for our weekly “Away Mission” to destroy Mirror Universe invaders, pick up some Terran Marks, chroniton buffers, gravimetric inducers and most importantly, earn dilithium. Your character needs to be at least Level 60 to join.

Congratulations to this week giveaway winners:
Accelerated Officer Training Pack - @terronbytek
Accelerated Officer Training Pack - @admiralblackwel
5 Lockbox Keys - @gabriel1941

If you not a member of the Priority One Armada and want to be stay in touch with us you can join the Priority One Chat channel by typing in the chat box → /channel_join priorityone ← and then hit the [Enter] key.

Don’t miss a thing from the world of Star Trek -- catch all the latest news regarding the Star Trek Multiverse on Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast. Get a new episode every Friday by pointing your favorite podcast app to feeds.priorityonepodcast.com.

And if you’re interested in joining any of the Priority One Armada fleets simply head over to priorityonearmada.com and sign up today. We have fleets on both the Fed and KDF factions ranging from Tier 3 level 21 to Tier 5 Level 68 so you can be sure we have fleet that suits your needs.
Twitter: @P1Winters83 YouTube: WintersGaming
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