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  • trennantrennan Member Posts: 2,839 Arc User
    azrael605 wrote: »
    > @repetitiveepic said:
    > usskentucky wrote: »
    > Ending PvP would be the equivalent of shutting down the CDC, patent office, and universities. Cryptic benefits from the PvP community because PvP players are the ones putting the effort into trying new mechanics, testing the viability of old ones, and generally pushing gameplay to its limits. PvP players are the first to notice something broken or overpowered.
    > This has no basis in fact.

    None whatsoever. Most of the complaints from pvpers about items being "overpowered" translate to "I can't kill this guy as easily as I want to waah".

    No, in some cases they're right and in others they're wrong. The same goes for PvE players. Take the latest change to proton damage. I had heard of it being overpowering in PvP, from my PvP friends, before it was spoke of on the forums.

    But that's the way STO works. In other games where the PvP and PvE communities are about the same size. Things get noticed fairly quickly. But for STO, given the community size difference. It requires communication between PvE and PvP players. This way, if a PvE player notes something that might be OP, they can tell their PvE and PvP friends. This then allows it to be tested on both fronts, before it's taken to the Dev's. The reverse also applies if a PvP player notices somethng that might be OP.

    In either case of this, if something is deemed UP(underpowered) or OP, and both sides agree. Then it's taken to the dev's. The dev's then look at this from a PvE perspective, with maybe a cursory glance at how it affects PvP, before they decide what, if any, changes need to be made to it.

    In some cases you are right. But that complaint about something be overpowered, is more them looking for something to blame. Most time that OPness they're complaining about is about the over-all build that someone is using. The easiest way to tell the difference here, is to look at the complaint itself. If they're saying that something is OP, they will usually include an explanation as to why they feel that it is. This feeds back into that communication point. If an explanation isn't included, then it can safely be ignored as just someone whining about have a rough time in PvP.
  • asuran14asuran14 Member Posts: 2,326 Arc User
    Would be nice if they expanded on the fact that some abilities, or statuses have different affect based on if they are being used on a player or npc. Make it that base-line that abilities have both a set of pve an pvp values that are used exclusively in those activities would help alot. As than you could make changes (nerfs, and buffs) to the values that is connected to that area of the content. Honestly since the two types of content are quite different in play-styles, it would just make sense to use separate values that are independent of each other, as any attempt to balance a single value system between two very different styles of play will always cause more issues.
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