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Suggestions(NOT bugs) for the Foundry-Ships, features, etc.

This post involves any and all suggested features and content for the next foundry update. One way STO is so unique is because of the foundry. Many people love it, but sometimes we wish it was easier to use. Here are some suggestions:


Resolute Class Cruiser(STO)
Tamarian Cruiser(TNG-Darmok)
Denobulan Medical Ship(ENT-Cold Station 12)
Eymorg ship(TOS-Spock's Brain)
First Federation Pilot Vessel(TOS-The Corbomite Maneuvre)
Lazarus shuttle(TOS-The Alternative Factor)
Hunter ship(DS9-Captive Pursuit)
Tosk ship(DS9-Captive Pursuit)
Akritirian Patrol Ship(VOY-The Chute)
Devore Warship(VOY-Counterpoint)
Hierarchy ship(VOY-The Void)
Kobali ship(VOY-Ashes to Ashes)
Vidiian ship(VOY-The Phage)
Antares-Class frigate(TOS)
Spock's Jellyfish

NPC ships:
Whale Probe
Caretaker's Array
Farpoint Lifeform
SS Botany Bay

Alien Races:

Tak Tak

3d map editing(Instead of the Bird's Eye view we have right now, would it be possible to create an interactive map, or rather when testing your maps, have the ability to move objects around in real time, as done in various CAD programs?

Universal ships(One for Federation, one Romulan, one Klingon: A ship that can use any hull piece, any nacelle piece, any saucer, etc. from that faction. Can also use any material. (E.g Using the Galaxy-Class nacelles on a Sovereign class cruiser)

Cuscene Editor(Self explanatory)

Voice Acting(Same way we use voice chat in-game. Get together some people and act it out.)

Costume Pieces:
Many NPC costumes do not work, or simply don't display. Here are some unique ones from througout Star Trek:

TOS Balok's Robes(Not just puppet)
TOS Gorn outfit(Klingon only)
TNG Tamarian Uniform
TNG/DS9 Cardassian Uniforms
VOY Kazon uniforms
Q's Judge outfit

Interior Bridges:
Ferengi Marauder
Pakled Freighter
Excelsior Bridge
Sovereign Bridge

Interior Locations:
Fesarius Interior

Exterior Locations:
Starbase 11(TOS)
Eminiar VII(TOS)
Janus VI(TOS)

Just remember these are purely suggestions, and do not need to be implemented. Some certainly will not. If anyone wants to add on, feel free to do so. Please check this list to be sure what you're adding isn't already up here.


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