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midevilchaos#4670 midevilchaos Member Posts: 169 Arc User
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Yes, we are recruiting Science Officers and Engineers... and even you wild Redshirts!

Who are we?
A Sci fleet, with lots of people... quiet people, but we can be loud as well. Rest assured, we usually have someone there if you ever have questions! And yes, we still love you wild Redshirts, so come onboard!

As for you...
I assume you are either:

A - Looking for a fleet?

B - Looking for an armada?
C - Looking to merge your small fleet?

In either case, we'd like to merge your fleet with another small/mid-sized fleet. HOWEVER, if you're big enough, we might be able to place you within a gamma fleet slot. The core ideal of our fleet is about sci, but we're always open to welcoming eng and redshirts.

And for any lone person out there, we'd like to get YOU in one of our fleets.
And for those looking to role-play, there are some in the fleet who would do so with you :blush:

If you think this is something that might interest you, let me know ingame at @malazancommander
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