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Liberated Borg [glitch]

I started a new character a few days ago, a Liberated Borg Federation officer and was surprised to see that one option in the initial character creation was that in addition to normal eyes and reflective eyes, there was a choice to have the brilliant blue eyes of the 0718 android; so I picked that.

Have to say that I really liked that "look" for that character and so stuck with him for a couple of days leveling him up to lvl 24 before I noticed that Ten of Sixteens eyes had somehow changed back to the games normal eye setting. After going back to the nearest tailor I discovered that the 0718 option was no longer present in character creation. I immediately created another liberated borg (a female) to see if that was still around in the opening screens and nope, it was all gone.

I have to wonder if it was just an unfortunate glitch now? Has anyone else had this eye option show up for their own liberated borg captains?
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