What ship is this?

tousseau Member Posts: 1,484 Arc User
In the foreground, what ship is this?
Could it be a tease for a new T6 Patrol Escort?



  • newnja
    newnja Member Posts: 137 Arc User
    Seems like plain old Akira to me. If you mean the one in the left.
  • iconians
    iconians Member Posts: 6,987 Arc User
    It's an Akira.​​
  • kekvin
    kekvin Member Posts: 633 Arc User
    There's an akira, defiant and a promeathaus variant in the pic
  • dracounguis
    dracounguis Member Posts: 5,363 Arc User
    your momma! Sorry, that's my go-to answer for a lot of things. :D It's an Akira.
  • seaofsorrows
    seaofsorrows Member Posts: 10,891 Arc User
    edited August 2017
    If you're looking for specifics... here ya go.

    It's the Akira Class variant as said above. It also has a T3 and a T5 variant.
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  • tousseau
    tousseau Member Posts: 1,484 Arc User
    My bad... I can see it now...

    Unfortunately, I wasn't making the connection earlier... wishful thinking I guess... *blush*