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Armada Updates?

spencerb96spencerb96 Member Posts: 232 Media Corps
Been nearly 2 years now since the Armada system came out. Back when it was just coming out, there'd been some chatter about being able to add more Betas/ Gammas and being able to have Fleets from both factions in the same Armada.

Just wondering if there's any update we can get on either thing?

Being in a high level full Armada, we'd love to have some new smaller fleets in to help build em up and open up more contribution options for everyone in the Armada. We just don't want to drop a fleet that's been with us for so long to pick up a small fleet. More Beta or Gamma slots would be great, and allow us to actually get some newer, smaller fleets in.

As for cross faction Armadas, I think many Fed fleets would love to have their KDF fleets in the same Armada. With the significantly lower population on KDF, getting contributions can be a pain. Having our KDF fleets in our Fed armadas would help us out a ton.

So, any updates we can get? Or are those upgrades to the system out of reach?
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