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Should the Devs roll back the new queuing system to the old version?



  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Member Posts: 34,439 Arc User
    No, I prefer the new queue system
    ltminns wrote: »
    If there are Advanced or Elite versions you could switch to your needed type through the drop-down selector on the UI for that Queue.
    I've tested it and it will let you queue for EITHER normal OR advanced, but not both.
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  • warpangelwarpangel Member Posts: 9,132 Arc User
    Yes, I would like to see the old queue system brought back
    orangeitis wrote: »
    No. This is a ridiculous suggestion. After the new queue UI is ironed out, it'll be much easier to us and more convenient than before.
    As has been said, if all the problems are "ironed out," it will BE the old UI.
  • stark2kstark2k Member Posts: 1,378 Arc User
    Yes, I would like to see the old queue system brought back
    After almost unanimous complaints on various aspects of the new queue system I thought it was time to get a more overall view from the community. You may have little trouble queuing for an event if you are a single player, but before you answer this question please form a team and try to join a queue and then come back here to give your vote.

    Now there is the number one problem which negates this whole voting survey, you are asking the community to form a team and queue - The issue is people queue to at least land a decent PUG group, premade-teams are more likely a fleet oriented event or access to a very active Chat Group that are willing to queue for your "SPECIFIC Queue."

    As for the queue system, the people at Cryptic Studios who decided to fix an unbroken queue system, just broke the TRIBBLE of out it. It is so bad, that queues are now even slower to initiate. Okay let us say for argument sake that it isn't entirely broken, the next thing to look at is the NUCLEAR NERFING of many things in this game that finally drove off the veteran player-base who invested lots of time and resources to perfect their builds. There are other reasons as well, too many to post here, but the truth is they gone and screwed things up, when there was no need to fix it.

    Sure I like the streamline look, as it separates it by category etc... but they screwed up the simple click notion of the entire queue system. They need to make all difficulty levels instantly appear and set the system to queue back to 3 at a time. There is no need for me to click on difficulty, click to queue, and then finally click to start the queue. It isn't a major complaint, but sure it is annoying as hell.

    The queue systems probably is so slow to initiate due to:

    A) Lost of Veteran Playerbase
    B) You can practically click for every PvE event in the system, possibly slowing down the process
    C) time of day, but lately it seems all day the thing is slow to take off
    D) BUGS, queue system bugs

    E) Bring back the event timer that tells you how long you have left before you can repeat a 20hr event queue

  • alfred399alfred399 Member Posts: 161 Arc User
    Yes, I would like to see the old queue system brought back
    Think my thoughts on the matter have probably all been said above - I doubt Cryptic will revert the UI but if they can at least get it working, and restore the cooldown timers I'll at least be less peeved.
  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 6,560 Community Moderator
    edited May 2017
    No, I prefer the new queue system
    Poll closed to gather feedback in the linked thread. Please continue all topic discussions there.

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